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Majestic is a link intelligence supplier based in the UK. Capable of delivering powerful link analysis data for any URL, Majestic SEO is a tool designed to provide ‘flow metrics’ and enable website owners to check backlink quality for their own website and competitors.

What are Flow Metrics?

‘Flow metrics’ are a unique way of measuring a URLs SERP performance and are based on two distinct measures; trust flow (TF) and citation flow (CF).

What Does Trust Flow (TF) Mean?

Trust Flow (or TF) is a weighted metric used by Majestic SEO on a scale of 1-100 based on the number of clicks a link receives from a pre-determined ‘seed set’ of trusted sites to any given URL or domain.

For a site to be considered a trusted site, it must have been manually reviewed by the Majestic SEO team.

Similar to the Domain Authority score ascribed by Moz, trust flow is an indicator of the level of authority any website has within the internet community.

What Does Citation Flow (CF) Mean?

Citation Flow (or CF) is a measure of the number of times any domain or URL is linked to, irrespective of the source. This is uniquely different to a simple measure of the quantity of backlinks as it is a measure of how often each backlink is used.

How to use Majestic’s TF and CF Scores to Check Backlink Quality

Expressed as a scatter graph, these two measures of backlink authority produce a unique ‘fingerprint’ for any URL.

Majestic trust flow chart

What does TF mean? Trust vs Citation flow produces powerful graphics of your link profile. Image via Majestic SEO.

You can see from the example above, used by Majestic SEO in one of their training videos, that the link profile of a trusted site like the BBC has significantly more backlinks than a less trusted site. Links that have a high TF and CF score appear to the top right whilst those that have lower scores appear closer to the bottom left.

The denser the number of links in any particular area of the graph will produce a darker colour with every URL having a unique ‘fingerprint’. They are designed to provide users with an at-a-glance representation of how a site’s individual backlinks are viewed by search engines in terms of trust and quantity.

Backlink Analyser

Majestic SEO provides more than just pretty pictures and a full subscription to their suite of tools provides detailed analysis of all backlinks that produce these flow metric fingerprints.

Majestic seo backlink analyser

The devil is in the detail. You can use Majestic SEO to review all backlinks in fine detail. Image via Majestic SEO.

Subscription starts at £39.99 per month and can help inform your SEO strategy by providing bulk analysis of your backlinks. A powerful, insightful and unique tool, Majestic SEO backlink analyser can be extremely useful but does have limits making it a good choice as part of a suite of backlink tools and analytic programs.

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