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Our eCommerce optimisation services

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has the power to make people aware of your eCommerce store and sell products – nothing’s more important than that!

The problem is that there’s a lot of different elements to a successful SEO strategy and those elements are constantly changing. This is where we come in. As a specialist eCommerce SEO agency. Opace is on the ball with all things related to search engines and is here to help!


When it comes to designing an SEO strategy for your eCommerce store you will have two main aims:

  • Impress customers (foremost) and
  • Then, impress Google.

Tick these two boxes and you’ll be increasing your rankings and driving traffic to your optimised eCommerce store in no time. These are just some of the elements that go into a strong SEO strategy:


Great site design

Our skilled eCommerce designers and developers can re-configure your site to ensure it is search engine friendly, simple to navigate and easy to ‘crawl’ by Google.


Content creation and optimisation

Content is king. Remember that and you’ll go far with your eCommerce SEO strategy. Our skilled team will work with you to plan and write high-quality keyword optimised product copy that sells.


Social media sharing

Social signals such as ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ tell Google that your online store popular and well-respected and worth ranking a little higher!


Keyword research

You’ll get nowhere until you know what keywords potential customers are searching for on Google. Our SEO experts can carry out keyword research on your behalf.


Blogging strategy

Blogging, both on-site and off-site is great for building fresh content, natural backlinks and strengthening your eCommerce SEO. Opace can help.


Ethical earned link building

Attracting and building natural backlinks to your online store is great for driving traffic, which will help to boost your rankings.


Despite understanding the importance of SEO, very few business owners have the time and resources to implement an effective marketing strategy themselves. This is where Opace comes in and here’s why we’d make a great SEO partner:

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Up-to-date with SEO changes

We keep up to date with the latest SEO changes to ensure our methods continue to provide the right results for your online shop. Our flexibility means we can respond quickly to change and keep you on the right path.

Fantastic web designers

Our team create search engine friendly (and mobile/tablet responsive) web designs that are easy to crawl and index by Google.

Social media expertise

Social media marketing to help you get those all-important signals. Our expert team can assist with planning, implementing and even fully managing your social strategy.

Years of eCommerce SEO experience

Our SEO team has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing bespoke SEO and digital marketing strategies for a wide range of eCommerce businesses.

Integrated strategies

Opace is all about integrating SEO with content marketing, social marketing and paid advertising in order to achieve powerful results. Each element will work seamlessly together to achieve your goals.

Crystal clear communication

Here at Opace we will listen to what you have to say and work closely with you to ensure you’re 100% happy with our methods. We believe in jargon-free services and full transparency, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

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How our eCommerce SEO service works

Here at Opace we will listen to what you have to say and work closely with you to ensure you’re 100% happy with our methods. We believe in jargon-free SEO services and full transparency, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

SEO audit

We’ll kick-start the process with an SEO audit of your eCommerce website. This will reveal the areas of improvement required to boost your SEO strategy.

Implementing a strategy

The SEO team will then implement your new strategy and integrate it with other forms of digital marketing, advertising and multimedia content to create valuable results.

Measuring results

We will provide you with regular jargon-free reports so you can view our progress and see the results of your eCommerce SEO strategy.