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Our YouTube Video Creation Services

Web users love video – you only need to look at the growth of YouTube for proof. If you’re looking for a way to engage target customers and increase brand awareness, web video production provides the perfect answer.

Written content is great but video has proven to engage users on a much higher level. It’s an easy and convenient way for them to consume information and that’s what the web’s all about!

Why Web Video?

Web video production and YouTube video creation has become an integral part of SEO and social media marketing - and it’s never been cheaper to produce. Here are some of the benefits of creating high quality, engaging web videos for your online brand.


Increase awareness

Video gives you the opportunity to show more personality and makes it easier for customers to understand your brand, products, service and people.


Increase web traffic and leads

Web videos are great for engaging customers and sparking them to take action. Experience up to 80% more web queries by simply adding YouTube videos to your website.


Improve brand loyalty

Customers are loyal to the brands they know and trust. Share behind the scenes footage and other useful content to connect with your customers.


10x the impact of written content

Content is king but it doesn’t have to be written! In fact, web videos can actually have 10 times the impact of written content in terms of getting customers to convert.


Keep visitors on your site

Did you know that videos can keep visitors on your website for up to 75% longer? This will reduce your bounce rate and help to improve your SEO!


Improve search rankings

YouTube video content ranks well in searches and stands out amongst other web page results. Use it to improve your SEO and online visibility.

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