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Magento 2 Agency, Web Design & Development in Birmingham

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… ‘Magento 2: The Revenge’. The second generation of Magento’s powerful eCommerce solution offers more than just a sequel. With its advanced usability, enhanced performance and ultimate scalability, we’d go so far as to say… “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”.

Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for Magento based on 10 customer reviews.

Magento 2 is the cream of the crop!

When it comes to developing an eCommerce platform for any business there several key factors that every client wants to rely on; secure payments, scalability, ease-of-operation, and providing a unique customer experience to visitors. With Magento 2, this all comes as standard, providing substantial benefits over the previous version.

Magento’s the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch and any other idioms that mean it’s really, really great. If you want complete control over the look and functionality of your online shop, make a Magento 2 website designed and developed by Opace your top pick. 

eCommerce web design design and development for homewares retailer PRIMUS by Birmingham based Magento agency, Opace

Magento web design design and development by Birmingham based agency Opace

Magento is the number one choice of eCommerce platform worldwide and handles over $50 billion of transactions each year. As a specialist Magento 2 design and development agency, we’ve got the know-how to make this latest incarnation of the world’s most popular digital commerce solution work for any business including yours.

So, what’s Magento 2 got to offer over other eCommerce solutions?

Expanding on their already successful and highly innovative v1 platform, Magento’s latest development of digital commerce is just as powerful but delivers exceptional flexibility and performance. It’s the reason why over half a million websites now use Magento 2 to power their digital transactions. Global companies and small businesses across the world all put their trust in the Magento 2 experience. And here’s just a few reasons why:

Faster processing

Magento 2 is 50% faster than its predecessor enhancing customer experience and making conversions easier.

Intuitive & simple to use

The intuitive back-end interface is easy to use and has been designed for people who run businesses, not websites.

Robust digital security

Magento 2 offers fast integration with secure and authorised payment gateways such as SagePay, WorldPay and Paypal.

Wholly unique solution

Using open-source architecture, your Magento 2 platform can be a highly-customised environment with the choice of 000’s of free or premium add-ons.

Smart phone friendly

Designed to power payments on the move, Magento 2 is built to support your website’s payments across any device.

Ultimate scalability

A solution that provides small, independent traders with the same choices as big businesses however many visitors your site gets.

What else does Magento 2 do?

Not only is Magento 2 a dynamic eCommerce platform, with its open source architectures, Community Edition is free and premium add-ons can deliver so much more. The most popular of which is Magento’s Content Management System. A robust and versatile system, the CMS add-on helps offer a more comprehensive customer experience delivering simple text only pages such as terms and conditions right through to media rich content.

If that weren’t enough, Magento 2’s design includes fully customisable themes so that every checkout experience can be seamlessly integrated within your website, without compromising on security.

Opace, the Magento 2 developer of choice

We don’t mind telling you that, when it comes to Magento 2 development, not only are we innovative and creative in our design approach but we have the technical know-how to make your eCommerce solution stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our technical knowledge can help deliver seamless integration with existing tools and add-ons, maximise the SEO opportunities of Magento’s architecture and provide full migration from Magento 1 to 2.

We’re not just Magento 2 developers, we’re Magento 2 experts. Here’s why you should be choosing Opace as your agency of choice:

1. Accredited Magento Agency

Accredited by organisations like UKITA, we’re a Magento 2 development agency that brings experience and knowledge to the table. so you know you have a partner you can trust.

2. You talk, we listen!

We go to great lengths to make sure that we understand every client’s individual needs so when you talk, we don’t. We want to understand your journey right up to the point you choose Opace as your partner.

3. We’re with you every step of the way

Everyone gets excited in a new relationship, it’s all about the flowers, chocolates and unexpected (but pleasant) surprises. We don’t think that relationships with our clients should simply enjoy a brief ‘honeymoon period’; we’re committed for the long haul.

4. Experienced team

Opace is proud to employ a dedicated team of individuals that we prize for their creative talent and technical know-how. A family run business, our staff are the only reason our company enjoys the success it does and it shows. We want our clients to be a part of our family too.

5. We’re sticklers for detail

A lot of Magento 2 developers can deliver satisfactory design but we believe that exceptional solutions are all about the detail and we are obsessed with the finer points of design. From the bottom up, we feel confident that we double tick all the boxes.

6. Fully integrated service

We don’t just excel at Magento 2 development. We’re experts in SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing and web design to name just a few. Opace was established to provide clients with a comprehensive digital partner so they can focus on running their business.

7. We don’t like garden paths

So, we won’t lead you up one. If we don’t think we can meet your expectations or deliver a project within a set budget or timescale then we tell you, straight off the bat. Of course, we’ll give you plenty of alternative options but we don’t want to disappoint or waste anyone’s time. But, if we say we’re going to do something, you know we are going to do it.

Work with Opace

Magento 2 is a gamechanger in how to maximise your online visibility. Give our Birmingham based agency a call on 0121 222 5757 today. If you’re not ready for the big v2, don’t worry – we still support Magento v1 and will do for some time to come.

Get started today

Need more reasons to choose Magento 2? 

Are you still on the fence about investing in Magento 2? Here are three reasons why you need to invest in v2 of the popular platform:

SEO friendly

Search engine friendly giving you heightened SEO reach.

Lots of extensions

Additional extensions created by Magento 2 developers to boost your capabilities. 

It’s a smart investment

Magento v1 won’t be supported forever, put plainly, Magento 2 is a smart investment.

What our clients say about us

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If you want to find out more about how our Magento 2 services can provide a superior eCommerce experience then contact Opace on 0845 017 7661. Not just an accredited Magento 2 agency but experts in digital solutions, tailor made to suit your business and exceed your expectations.

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