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Look no further than Opace! We help to accelerate revenue growth and heighten brand awareness for eCommerce brands and businesses around the UK. Leveraging content marketing, search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and Google Shopping, our team will ensure your products are easily discovered on popular search engines.

Our marketers are experts in curating powerful marketing campaigns, creating high-converting landing pages, and tailoring eCommerce websites to captivate your target audience. Our web developers are specialists in helping to optimise conversion rates and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Together, we're here to help unlock exponential growth and turn your online shop into a profit powerhouse.


eCommerce Digital Marketing

eCommerce Marketing Channels

Looking to tell the world about your eCommerce brand? You’ll need a strong digital marketing strategy. Here we’ve listed some of the different marketing channels at your disposal.

Social media marketing

Build a loyal following on websites like Facebook and Twitter to improve brand engagement and drive traffic to your website. Social signals strengthen your SEO too!


Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. This age-old tactic is still powerful today. Emails are great for engaging with (and selling to) your customers around the clock.

Search engine optimisation

Securing good search engine rankings is essential for eCommerce. The higher you rank; the more traffic you’ll get and the better chance you’ll have at getting sales.


If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start a blog! Blogging will do wonders for your online store; interesting blog posts will boost rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Offline marketing

Digital marketing’s the way forward but that doesn’t mean you should forget about offline marketing. Direct mail and other traditional marketing can still play an important role in your digital strategy.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click campaigns are fantastic for driving targeted traffic to specific pages of your online store and helping to increase conversions. It’s low cost and achieves instant results.


Of course the list goes on and with options like Google Shopping, PR, Affiliate Marketing and Remarketing. The trick is to select sensibly and integrate everything together under a single coordinated digital marketing strategy.

If you want to work with a trusted eCommerce marketing partner with experience in a wide range of areas, there’s no better choice! Opace will spread the word about your online store and get everyone talking about it for the right reasons:

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Bespoke marketing plans

We’ll create a bespoke marketing plan that is tailored to the needs of your business and its customers. Exploring a wide range of channels, we’ll find the best ways to target the right customers with the right message.


Social media management

No time for social? We’ll make time for you! Let us manage your social media accounts so you can concentrate on other important business tasks. Opace knows Facebook inside out and can help you create targeted content to engage with customers and generate loyalty. We’ll also tweet like it’s going out of fashion!


SEO management

Social marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Let us integrate the two with keyword research, engaging content and achieve powerful, long-lasting results for your online business. From keywords research, to content marketing, and link building – we do it all!


Blogging expertise

Let our expert SEO copywriters and content marketers populate your blog with unique and interesting content. Blogging helps to improve search engine rankings, which drives more potential customers to your online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What strategies do you use to enhance revenue growth for eCommerce businesses?

Our strategies are tailored to each client's unique needs and may include a combination of search engine optimisation, content marketing, pay per click advertising, and social media marketing. We focus on driving targeted traffic to your eCommerce website through a range of different channels, as well as improving conversion rates and reducing shopping cart abandonment.

What is the best way to increase brand awareness for eCommerce businesses?

There's no one single answer. We use a variety of methods to increase brand awareness, including search engine marketing, social media campaigns, and content marketing. We also conduct thorough keyword research to ensure your brand is visible on search engines and relevant social media platforms through keyword targeted content and hashtags.

How do you identify and target the right audience for eCommerce businesses?

We use tools like AI, Google Analytics, and other data analysis methods to identify your target audience. We then create tailored marketing campaigns that resonate with this audience, using the platforms they frequent the most, whether that's search engines, social media platforms, or other online spaces.

How do you improve the conversion rate for eCommerce websites?

We use a variety of strategies to improve conversion rates, including optimising landing pages, tuning for speed and fast page load times, conducting A/B testing, and implementing effective call-to-actions. We also use Google Shopping and Google Ads to drive targeted traffic to your site, and we monitor Google Analytics to understand user behaviour and make necessary adjustments.

What techniques can you apply to help improve sales?

Improving site speed, making the checkout process as simple as possible, offering multiple payment options, and implementing cart abandonment emails... These are just some of the approaches we take. We also use Google Analytics and tools like HotJar to understand at what point users are leaving the site and make necessary improvements.

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