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Our open source website services

Open source web design has created a whole new world of opportunity for companies and private individuals to enjoy high quality web software at a fraction of the price of bespoke software.

Choosing the best open source software for your needs means that you are half way there to a great open source website. For the other half you’ll need to use our services at Opace to design, implement, configure and extend the solution. Let us help create the perfect open source web design for you.


Over the years, we have built up a wealth of experience using the following open source website platforms:

We specialise in creating open source web designs that allow our clients to benefit from cost-effective websites that are tailored to their exact requirements – read why ignoring open source could be a costly mistake Our open source websites not only look great but offer plenty of functionality too. They’re easy to manage, grow in line with our clients’ operations and showcase the latest industry trends. Below provides some of the top reasons why we only specialise in open source web design:


Global community

Each open source web design project can be supported by a worldwide network of developers. The core product is free, but Companies can be used to configure, implement and extend the core software.


Designed to be extensible

By design, open source websites are “open” to extension. Products like Joomla, WordPress and Magento have a large community of developers who create extensions and plugins.


Often free to use & update

Developments are carried out by a global community and made available for the public to use for free. Many of these extensions are also free of charge; however some do cost money.


A variety of platforms

Open source technology comes in all shapes and sizes from content management systems like WordPress to fully functional eCommerce platforms like Magento.


Great for websites

Open source web design therefore involves using and extending these existing platforms to create websites that look attractive, offer great functionality and perform to the highest industry standards.


Great for eCommerce

Products like Joomla (with Virtuemart), WordPress (with WooCommerce extension) and Magento are all open source and can be used for cutting-edge eCommerce projects.

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