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Our SEO agency services

Increase your website’s visibility, traffic and sales with opace, a quality-approved Birmingham SEO agency who won’t let you down!

Sadly we find that most clients have had a terrible experience using an SEO agency in the past. This is usually due to quality issues, lack of transparency, poor reporting, absent results, or worse, a Google penalty.

If you are not looking for fully-managed SEO, here are some of our other services

Integrated digital marketing

Digital Marketing vs SEO

SEO can’t be delivered in isolation any more. In fact, it's best not to think about "SEO" but think in terms of your overall business objectives and how digital marketing can help you to achieve those.

Here at Opace, we believe an integrated approach to marketing is required, one that’s driven by your business goals and target market.

Our unique integrated approach to digital marketing

This is why we have formulated our own unique strategy which has been tried, tested and refined over the years to deliver amazing results. 

This of course includes SEO activities and techniques to drive traffic via search engines like Google but also other digital channels, all of which work together to achieve your goals.

Do I Need Digital Marketing?

When we bring different forms of content and marketing activities together (and this is done with SEO in mind), the results can be outstanding.  For example:

  • Improved organic rankings
  • More content types showing in search engines (video, image and other SERP features) meaning more clicks
  • Greater content depth, breadth and Topical Authority
  • More referrals, traffic and links from other high-quality sites, meaning more Domain Authority
  • The list goes on...

What's the magic formula?

We're not going to give away all of our secrets, but a significant aspect is mixing different marketing activities, content types and SEO techniques together, all delivered under a coordinated marketing strategy and with a single objective in mind, e.g. 

  • Creative and engaging content for your blog  and outreach
  • Keyword-optimised content for your website pages, services and products
  • Newsworthy and journalistic PR content to position you as an expert on important topics
  • Whitepapers and detailed thought leadership articles to establish you as an authority on the Web
  • Presentational material for sites like SlideShare and Issuu 
  • Interesting visual media like video and infographics, perfect for YouTube, social media and image sharing 
  • Exciting social content, designed for sharing and getting the word out 
  • Promotional campaigns to build brand awareness, traffic and of course your search rankings

The outcome is always the same - improved rankings, SEO and happy customers!

Integrated approach to SEO

Why Use Opace to Deliver Your SEO Service?

We understand that it’s difficult trying to regain trust in a supplier once you’ve been burnt. We also understand how difficult it is to invest in a long-term digital marketing strategy and to improve your Google rankings when the results won’t be immediately visible. 

To help assure you that we’re worth investing in, here are just some of the reasons why our existing clients like working with us:


Results-driven and positive ROI

Results-driven approach and positive ROI using up-to-date and safe strategies to boost your rankings and grow your business.


Decades of experience

We have been trading for over a decade and have more than 30 years of combined SEO agency experience within our team


Regular updates and reporting

Client's love that we talk in plain English, with simple monthly reporting and regular phone or face-to-face updates


Family business

We're not your run-of-the-mill corporate SEO agency, we're a family business and we go the extra mile for our clients


Always white hat

Customers have come to us with the worst kind of penalties, so we know the pain it causes. Our services are always white hat


We’re local

Based in Birmingham, we're ideally positioned at the heart of England for customers who are local or elsewhere in the UK


If you're still not convinced why Opace would make the perfect SEO agency to support your business, here are a few common Questions and Answers we get asked.
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How do you approach digital marketing?

We take an ethical approach to digital marketing, ensuring all of our efforts meet industry best practices. Through a multitude of actions including on-site optimisation, blogging and natural link building, we will work to increase your websites search rankings ethically. Opace will also integrate your organic SEO strategy with other digital marketing practices including social and content creation to generate the best possible results for your business.

Do you provide regular reporting?

Here at Opace, we believe that transparency is of critical importance. This is why we work closely with our customers, to ensure they fully understand approve of our methods. Not only that but we also offer transparent reports on a monthly basis. These reports allow clients to view our progress and see the return they’re getting from using our services.

Will you tailor your SEO strategies to suit my business?

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of businesses of all sizes. We, therefore, have the experience to provide SEO services to both start-up companies and large international chains. We’re all about bespoke SEO and are happy to tailor a personalised strategy for any business or budget.

Do I really need digital marketing?

Today SEO is no longer just about keywords and backlinks; it’s much more than that. We understand that in order to achieve the best results for clients, a blended approach to marketing that combines a wide range of actions and strategies is required. Our team cleverly integrate digital marketing strategies to produce profitable results for clients.

How do you keep up-to-date with algorithm changes?

We make every effort to keep up to date with the latest industry news and algorithm changes, so you can have the peace of mind that you’ll always remain on the right side of the search engines.

What results have you achieved for clients?

Since establishing Opace over a decade ago, we have achieved some amazing improvements for our clients; including helping them to land page one rankings for hugely competitive keywords including: “Children’s Hospice, “Sky Dive”, "eMobility", "Corner Sofas", “Cheap Makeup,” “Takeaways,” “Chinese Delivery”, and many more.

We’ve seen fantastic results in as little as two weeks on established domains, where we have made key improvements to the on-page optimisation. A recent client saw a 15% uplift in Google rankings across more than 100 keywords within less than ten days, due to good keyword optimisation.

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Working with a Birmingham web design and SEO digital agency

Working with Opace: What you can expect

Expert support team

Our team consists of talented Birmingham based copywriters, content marketers and SEO professionals, who will work with you from the outset to develop an integrated marketing strategy. Your strategy will be completely bespoke to your business and based on your values, objectives and target market.

Jargon free!

Industry jargon and terminology can be hard to get your head around, especially if you’re new to SEO. This is why we take a jargon-free approach to marketing. You’ll never have to worry about not understanding what’s going on, as our experts will guide and support you throughout the process from start to finish.

Quality results

We are a Birmingham SEO agency you can rely on to provide quality services and solutions. We keep our finger on the pulse and make the extra effort to ensure marketing activity is tailored to the needs of your business and generates results that you can measure and improve upon in the future.