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When it comes to building a strong brand, having a great website with fantastic technical SEO is one thing, but that alone won't get your voice heard and your brand seen. What you do and say away from your website is just as important. Our marketers and copywriters are experts at crafting strategic PR campaigns with a journalistic flair, designed to drive organic growth, generate valuable traffic, and improve your search engine rankings.

With bespoke SEO PR strategies, combined with innovative content marketing and blog outreach, we'll ensure your stories are seen by your target audience and your website gains high-quality links to boost your overall SEO and drive organic traffic.



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Digital PR

High ranking online PR, crafted to generate buzz, attract natural backlinks, and drive organic traffic.

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What Is Digital PR & How Can This Help My SEO?

Our digital PR services go beyond traditional PR tactics to directly influence your brand's search rankings.

To boost your brand's online visibility and enhance your SEO performance, major search engines such as Google and Bing take into account various critical factors. While on page SEO elements play a significant role, off page SEO strategies like digital PR play an equally important part in improving your E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

By incorporating high quality links, fostering social engagement, and garnering brand mentions, you can elevate your E-A-T and help to establish a strong digital presence.

Media publications

Leveraging online media publications and creating a buzz in your industry can significantly boost your brand's local and overall visibility. It's a strategic way to earn authoritative links and enhance your local digital PR footprint.

Thought leadership

Crafting engaging, shareable content and online PR through thought leadership articles positions your brand as an industry authority. This strategy is excellent for gaining credibility and enhancing your brand's organic visibility.

Content marketing

Creating compelling, journalistic-style content to amplify your brand's voice, tell your unique story, and engage your target audience, is critical in a world where content is king. It's also an important ingredient in your communications strategy.

Authoritative links

Undertaking SEO PR campaigns are a great way to attract links back to your website as part of your off page SEO strategy. By securing publications on authoritative sites, you'll often land high quality links and invaluable traffic.

Search rankings

Securing press coverage in high-authority media outlets and generating buzz around your brand will help improve your E-A-T and overall domain authority. This strategic approach to content marketing helps to enhance your search rankings.

Organic visibility

Incorporating strategic PR tactics ensures your brand's stories resonate with your target audience and media publications. This approach not only enhances your brand's organic visibility but also drives sustainable growth and long-term success.


With years of experience in the industry and talented content creators and marketers, we come with a wealth of experience and we’re never short on ideas. With so many different marketing and PR agencies out there, it can be difficult to know whom you can really rely on. What makes Opace different is the fact we believe the best results come from an integrated approach to online marketing, one that's properly coordinated to incorporate all of your marketing communications and strategies to deliver your overall business goals. Here are just some of the ways we can help:

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Integrated marketing

Integrating your SEO, online marketing, communications, and advertising strategies to improve your online visibility and work together in harmony.

Social media

Digital PR is great, but it's not enough to simply publish your story and hope for the best. We help to spread the word and gain valuable social shares, engagement and connections.


Content creation

Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to create keyword-rich content, engaging stories and relevant visual media such as infographics to attract new customers.

Blogging and outreach to compliment your PR

Writing engaging blogs for your website and finding friendly blogs willing to accept your fabulous content is a great addition to online PR. These additional content marketing strategies help to work towards your end goal of reaching your target audience and boosting your brand's prominence online.


Newsworthy ideas

Our copywriters are experienced in a range of industries and have up-to-date knowledge of current affairs. Coming up with newsworthy, engaging and well researched PR content is never a problem.

We keep ahead of the game

We will keep up to date with the latest search engine algorithm changes to ensure we’re making positive contributions to your off page SEO strategy.


Jargon-free reporting

We provide jargon-free reports so you can evaluate our progress, determine your reach and assess how effective your digital PR campaigns have been.

Collaborative working

We work closely with you and your team to ensure you are 100% happy with our methods and progress. Nothing gets published unless you are 100% happy and we don't limit the number of revisions allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?

Traditional PR and digital PR serve the same fundamental purpose - to enhance a brand's visibility and reputation. However, the methods and mediums used are quite different. Traditional PR primarily focuses on offline channels such as print media, television, and radio. These can of course be effective for reaching certain demographics, but they often don't result in a digital footprint, meaning the stories may not be found online. This, in turn, means they tend not to support your SEO and link building endeavours, or drive traffic to help with online marketing. Traditional PR is usually more costly than digital PR as well.

Digital PR, on the other hand, is all about leveraging online channels. It focuses on online media relations, content marketing, social media, and influencer marketing. Digital PR not only helps in creating stories worth talking about but also ensures these stories are shared across the digital landscape. This results in high quality backlinks, increased website traffic, and improved organic rankings in search engine results.

In this day and age, where consumers are mainly turning to the internet for information, SEO PR is more important than ever. It allows for real-time communication, wider reach, and measurable results, as well as playing a crucial role in an integrated marketing strategy, complementing other online marketing efforts like SEO and social media.

What are the key elements of successful digital PR campaigns?

Successful digital PR campaigns are built on strategic planning, innovative content, online marketing expertise, and effective media relations. They aim to create stories worth talking about, driving organic growth and improving search engine results. As an SEO agency and digital PR specialists, we focus on crafting campaigns that resonate with your target audience and contribute to your overall online marketing strategy.

How does a digital PR agency enhance my brand's media relations?

A digital PR agency leverages its extensive media contacts to get your brand's story featured in relevant online publications. This not only boosts your brand's visibility but also helps in link building, which is crucial for improving your website's organic rankings.

How does on site SEO differ from on page SEO?

On site SEO and on page SEO are often used interchangeably, but they do have slight differences. On page SEO refers to optimising the content and HTML source code of a single page, whereas on site SEO refers to optimisation activities on a website level, which includes on page SEO plus site-wide aspects like sitemaps, indexing, and more. Our technical SEO service includes both.

How does digital PR fit into an overall influencer marketing campaign?

Digital PR is a vital part of your overall approach to influencer marketing. It helps create a positive image of your brand, making it more appealing to influencers. Moreover, the stories we create are not only worth talking about but also worth sharing, encouraging influencers to spread the word about your brand. This amplifies your reach and enhances your brand's credibility.

Why is link building important in digital PR?

Link building is a crucial aspect of digital PR due to the role it plays in SEO and helping to generate leads to your website. When your brand's stories are shared by reputable media outlets, they often include links back to your website. These backlinks are highly valued by search engines, contributing to improved organic rankings. Not only that, they drive visitors to your website and help to increase your chances of conversion. 

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