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Think your open source web design could be improved?

Do you need a highly flexible, scalable & secure open source CMS to deliver all your website, intranet and ecommerce needs? Umbraco is the “go-to” choice!

Managing 400,000+ websites, Umbraco is an enterprise class powerful asp.Net CMS, based on the asp.Net mvc (Model-view-controller) Application framework, this is one of the most popular content management systems in the world.

Why Choose Umbraco?

Offering unrivalled core functionality in an open source platform with proven reliability and performance, Umbraco is great “out of the box”, but also offers many opportunities to extend and grow through plugins and custom development.

Absolutely free to download, Umbraco delivers an easy to use solution, which will quickly deliver major business benefits and revolutionise websites, intranets and eCommerce shop fronts.

Designed for flexibility and the user, Umbraco is a world-leading cloud-based open source CMS. Suitable for small projects to FTSE100 companies, why not join 400,000+ (and growing) websites on Umbraco?


Open source (and free!)

Umbraco is an open source and is committed to being FREE forever! The core CMS is available without cost, clients can configure themselves or buy professional services, plugins and hosting, etc.


Umbraco support community

Never be alone! With Umbraco, you will join a thriving and growing community (220,000 at time of writing). Ask questions, seek advice from developers and community members, 24×7.


Microsoft ASP.Net architecture

Umbraco is built on the powerful Microsoft ASP.Net MVC architecture and fits well with a Microsoft technology stack. It usually uses a SQL Server database and Microsoft IIS web servers.


Cloud-based option

Umbraco can be installed locally but there is a cloud-based option too. Using Umbraco cloud, software updates and fixes are applied automatically, also save on local infrastructure and space costs.


Plugins and extensibility

The core CMS is free, extend it through a range of off-the-shelf plugins. Some are free, some are chargeable – benefit from the past work of others with Umbraco plugins!


Flexible in use

As you would expect from a leading CMS, Umbraco is very flexible and can be used for websites, intranets, eCommerce, SEO, document/records management, mobile apps and more!


Whether you are new to Umbraco or looking for a new Umbraco Agency, Opace are here to help. We have a wealth of web development, server support and hosting experience to offer, which will be perfect for your Umbraco projects. Our customers rate us highly and we hope you will too, why not try our web design, ASP.Net and Umbraco eCommerce services for yourself?

Work with Opace, we are specialist providers of Umbraco services UK-nationwide and are conveniently located in our central UK Birmingham location. From project planning, through web design and development, installation, custom development, application integration and more we will work hard from the time you sign the order until project completion and beyond!

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Umbraco and ASP.Net Experts

Umbraco and ASP.Net go together like jelly and ice cream! Umbraco is based on an underlying ASP.Net MVC (model-view-controller) architecture and operates on IIS servers. Work with Opace and we can manage all your ASP.Net requirements for you, know as much or as little as you want!

C# Now You’re Speaking our Language

As programming languages go, we love C# (“C Sharp) and that’s just as well as this is the core programming language behind Umbraco. Work with Opace’s Umbraco Developers and rely on us to be able to extend/develop your core Umbraco implementation through the use of bespoke C# programming.

“Hand in glove” – tailored solutions

No square pegs, no round holes – we believe in “hand in glove solutions”. Whatever you want, whatever you need we can create the perfect solution to meet your requirements in all aspects of Umbraco including websites, intranets, web forms and much more!

Opace the One-Stop-Shop

Are you tired of working with providers who say “we don’t do that” – not with Opace – we are the one-stop-shop for all your Umbraco solutions. Whatever your requirement we can fulfil it including installation, updates and maintenance, plugin selection installation and configuration, bespoke customisation, hosting and more!

Fail to plan – not with Opace!

We won’t let you fail, so we will plan every project to the right level of detail. Umbraco is intuitive and easy to use, but projects still require planning and control! “The devil is in the detail” – so let Opace take the devil out of your Umbraco projects.

We care about projects as much as you do

We always operate with a mantra of “we care about projects as much as you can do”. We’re not a faceless organisation, read our profiles here, your success is our success, we are just a phone call away and can arrange visits to our Birmingham, West Midlands location and/or your offices.

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Benefits of Umbraco

Don’t Also Forget These Great Features of Umbraco

Perfect for content publishing

Umbraco has powerful tools for publishing within its core CMS as well as powerful plugin extensions. Customise your publishing so it’s “hand in glove” internally or through professional support.

Perfect for SEO & marketing

SEO (search engine optimisation) is an often-neglected area of any website implementation. Umbraco can help massively with SEO through a range of core features and plugin extensions.

Still not convinced?

Umbraco can be self-hosted but there is a cloud version too (priced from $30 per month). Apply software updates/fixes automatically with Umbraco Cloud, save on infrastructure and space costs.