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Social Media Training From Opace

Social media has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes but its fast-changing nature can be confusing and a little intimidating.

If you want to engage audiences socially but don’t know what to say or how to say it, Opace is here to offer a helping hand! Our social media training courses are designed to explain, inspire, encourage and enthuse your marketing team to execute social media effectively.

We’ll go beyond just showing you the ropes, to actually teaching your team how social media marketing is good for business, sales, and great for your brand.

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Social Media Training in Birmingham or Online

Social Media Training in Birmingham or Online

Opace’s social media training is 100% bespoke, hands-on and centred on your business and what you need.

Whether you prefer online training or face-to-face training in Birmingham, simply let us know your preference and we’ll develop a custom training programme to meet your requirements.

Getting started with social media

For beginners, we can go right back to basics, teaching you how to open social media accounts on various platforms and set up your pages.

Building a following

Want to increase your social media following? We’ll teach you the best ways to do it on Facebook, Twitter and other leading social platforms.

Social media design

It’s important that your social media pages look professional and consistent with your branding. We’ll teach you how to get them looking great!

Developing a strategy

Social media has a wide range of uses but you will need a social media strategy. Opace will help you create a tailor-made strategy that works towards meeting your overall goals.

Creating content

Our expert blog writers and marketers and digital content creators will teach you how to create impactful content for social media and why it’s so important.

Much, much more!

From refresher courses to in-depth tutorials on specific subjects, we provide a wide range of social media training to suit all businesses.

Why Keep Social Media in-House?

Outsourcing social media is great - it's a service we even provide, but there are a number of benefits to keeping it in-house. From skills development to utilising your existing team effectively, having an in-house social media capability can be a smart move for many businesses. Not to mention, you know your business better than anybody else.

By completing our social media training course, you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to make social media succeed.

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Lower running costs

If you already have an internal marketing team, social media training will reduce your reliance on external (and often expensive) agencies and help you to keep your running costs to a minimum.


Develop in-house skills

Training up your employees and equipping them with new skills will make them much more valuable to your company.


More personal

We offer social media management and like to think we do an amazing job, but you know your business better than us (or any agency) and will always provide a more personal service.


Increases customer engagement

Learn social media and you’ll be able to directly engage with customers, learn more about them and be better equipped to convert any potential business.

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