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Our Story

In 2008, David Bryan founded Opace, driven by his successful career working for some of the world's top consulting firms and a passion for technology and business strategy.

With a background in software engineering and web development, David's frustration with the limited focus of these roles, he moved on to provide IT consultancy and business strategy services for consulting firms like Capgemini, working with government and blue chip brands across diverse sectors like Manufacturing, FMCG, Automotive, Energy & Utilities, and Retail.

With his unique perspective and fresh take on digital solutions and strategies, David decided to create Opace, a digital agency which blended his vision for technology and consulting in a way that would be accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Digital marketing consultancy to grow your business

So what are you waiting for? You deserve the best. A no-nonsense digital marketing consultancy that is known for being honest, transparent and delivering what we say.


Digital Marketing Consultancy To Fast-Track Your Growth

Today, Opace stands as a full-service agency, catering to SMEs and global brands alike. We don't just offer solutions; we're a family-run consultancy that forges lasting partnerships with our clients, working closely to understand their businesses, challenges, and objectives.

The Perfect Balance of Digital Capabilities & Marketing Expertise

Our digital marketing consultants are committed to helping businesses achieve digital transformation and stand out in the crowded and competitive digital landscape. From digital PR and paid search to eCommerce, search engine optimisation or social media marketing, Opace provides the perfect balance of marketing expertise and digital capabilities to help clients reach their target audience and deliver measurable results.

Through high-quality digital content, solutions and strategies, you can rely on Opace to help you reach new, untapped audiences across the full spectrum of digital channels available.

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B2B Digital Consulting Services

Why do you need a digital marketing consultant?

A successful digital strategy starts and ends with understanding and delivering on your business goals. Everything that comes in between is dependant on making the right choices.

Choosing the right digital marketing consultant is a key ingredient to facilitating this journey and equipping your business with the skills and tools to succeed. From understanding your business processes to advising on the best technology solutions or consulting on strategic lead generation strategies such as paid organic and social, a good digital marketing consultant will ensure you get the right advice to bolster your digital growth.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Tailored Digital Strategy

Customer-centric digital strategy tailored to your business and designed to differentiate your brand, drive engagement and boost digital growth.

Technology Consultancy

Advice, consultancy and planning to ensure your business is equipped with the right technology, digital solutions and frameworks to grow.

Integrated Marketing

Leadership to ensure your digital marketing teams and campaigns working in synergy with one another to deliver common business objectives.

Multi-Channel Reach

Content and marketing consulting to ensure your message is delivered across multiple channels and can reach the customers that matter most.

Increased Traffic & Leads

Marketing and advertising strategies including organic, paid search, digital PR, and social, to increase traffic, attract new audiences and generate leads.

Digital Transformation

Industry expertise to deliver digital transformation for your business, better marketing performance and a more personalised customer experience.


Choosing the right digital marketing consultant is a key ingredient to facilitating this journey and equipping your business with the skills and tools to succeed. From understanding your business processes to advising on the best technology solutions or consulting on strategic lead generation strategies, your choice of digital marketing consultant will determine whether you get the right advice and tools needed to bolster your digital growth.

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Our digital marketing consultants bring together the most advanced and flexible technology solutions, high-performance digital marketing strategies and creative content capabilities under one roof. Our range of services extends well beyond those of most digital agencies. From business process analysis and strategy planning all the way through to web development, eCommerce, content marketing, social media, paid advertising, and training, we're equipped to support your business in the best possible way.

There's no on-size-fits-all package or hard sell. As experienced digital consultants, our team approaches every project as a collaboration between your teams and ours, so we can work as one to achieve the best possible results in the best possible way.


Goals and KPI led approach

We take the time to understand every client’s business goals, so we can tailor every service to deliver against key performance objectives. We make sure there is a robust plan in place and work closely with your team to achieve the desired results. Every member of the team is motivated by the whole journey and not just providing short-term wins.


Tried and tested solutions

Innovation is key to driving creativity and breaking new ground and we are all for this, but why reinvent the wheel?

We know that innovation should never come at the expense of proven solutions that have already been tried and tested. Our approach to consulting blends the need for innovation with our experience using these proven solutions to provide the best possible ROI for your business.



In the fast-paced digital world, Opace stays ahead of the curve and always remains forward-thinking. Whether it's open source, VR or AI, we always keep a close eye on new technology and advancements in the digital world to ensure your digital strategy remains competitive and relevant. Trust us to drive results that matter.

DIGITAL CONSULTING Frequently Asked Questions

Does Opace have a unique approach to digital marketing consultancy?

We're a digital marketing consultancy that blends technology, marketing and digital consulting to provide strategy-led services that bring real value, flexibility, and ROI-driven growth to organisations of all kinds. Our unique approach is rooted in our founder's experience working for global consulting firms, his experience delivering transformative business strategies for clients across industries, and his passion for technology.

How does Opace ensure the effectiveness of its digital marketing services?

Opace ensures the effectiveness of its digital marketing services by focusing on the unique needs of each business. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We're a digital marketing consultancy that will always take the time to understand your requirements and tailor your digital marketing strategy to align with your business model and goals, driving results that matter to you.

How does Opace leverage new technology in its digital strategy?

Opace stays ahead in the digital world by continuously adapting to new technology. Whether that technology is open source to facilitate new solutions, VR to aid user experience, advanced tools to optimise your presence on search engines, or AI to improve productivity, we always remain one step ahead so that our customers can relax and focus on their business. We'll ensure our digital services, marketing campaigns, and strategies remain innovative and effective.

Why should businesses choose Opace for their digital consulting needs?

We've supported many businesses with their digital consulting needs over the past 15 years. As our reviews and customer feedback show, we're constantly regarded as one of the UK's top B2B service providers and a top full-service digital company in Birmingham. We are known for our honesty, transparency, and commitment to delivering what we promise. All of our solutions are tried and tested but our digital consulting team never stops embracing new ideas and advancements. We're a digital services consultancy that understands the digital landscape and can help your business navigate it effectively.