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Powerful visual storytelling by our professional infographic designers.

Our infographic design services come equipped with a team of professional marketing copywriters and graphic designers ready to create unique and stunning infographics to showcase your business in new and fun ways.

Stunning visuals, accurate data, and engaging copywriting to convey key messages and showcase your business to the wider world. Experience the seamless process of transforming complex data into engaging visual content and on-brand infographics for your website, blog, promotional campaigns, and social media marketing channels. Engage your visitors with captivating animated infographic videos using motion graphic or interactive infographics brought to life using HTML5 and dynamic.

We are not just graphic designers; we are a full-service digital marketing agency who leverage social media, SEO, innovative content marketing strategies, and targeted digital marketing to help promote and market your infographics.

Join us on this exciting journey of visual storytelling, where every design reflects your brand's unique story and resonates with your target audience.

Keep Visitors Glued

Engaging motion graphics and infographic videos

Tell Your Story With Compelling Infographics...

If you're looking for an infographic company with experience, you're in the right place. We have been helping customers with their digital content creation and content marketing for over 15 years. For a flavour of what you can expect when using our infographic design service, check out some of the examples below.  

Our Core Infographic Agency Services


Compelling infographic research, outline, copywriting, data & design


Promotional infographic marketing and SEO to boost visibility


Engaging motion graphics to tell your story with infographic videos


Interactive infographics using HTLM5 to bring your visuals to life

Infographic Design & Marketing Services


With expertise in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premier Pro, our specialist graphic design team have all the skills and expertise necessary to make your infographic project a success. They'll work closely with you to craft professionally designed infographics and infographic videos using motion graphics to amplify your brand identity and convey your key messages visually.


Our infographic services are so much more than just design. Our experts will work with you to formulate an infographic marketing strategy for promoting your infographic and ensuring it lands in front of your target audience.

From technical optimisation to content marketing, our infographic SEO team will identify the best target keywords, content and strategies to generate natural links back to your website.

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Infographic Design Services & Marketing Agency

Why Choose Infographic Services From Opace?

Most businesses sit on more boring data, marketing material and dull content than they even realise. The trick is not letting this go to waste but utilising it to create engaging marketing campaigns, enhanced data visualisation, and more effective styles of communication.

Hiring a professional infographic services agency like Opace to convert your data and content into engaging visual content has many benefits, including:

Visually eye catching

Made up of attractive images, typography, data, and colours, infographics draw people’s attention to them.

SEO and marketing

With the right target keywords, content and marketing strategies, infographics are great for SEO and your rankings.

Quick to consume

Reports take time to read but an infographic can be understood within seconds. Busy people don’t have a lot of time...

Brand identity

With the right branding and marketing, infographics are a great means to boost your brand identity and awareness.

Highly shareable

As popular and highly shareable pieces of content, they’re great for spreading the word about your business on different social media marketing channels.

Reputation & expertise

It can be a challenge to demonstrate your expertise effectively, but with infographics you can build up a reputation as an expert in your niche with ease.

Why We’re the Right Infographic Designers For The Job

Whilst there are plenty of apps and tools that you can use to create your own infographic designs, nothing will beat a professional infographic which has been custom-illustrated and hand-crafted by one of our experienced infographic designers and formulated as part of an overall marketing strategy. Here’s why we’re the #1 choice:

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We’ll do the research

If you don't have the data, we have experienced researchers and copywriters who specialise in a huge range of subjects and industries. Once we understand your target keywords and subject, just leave it with us. We’ll do all of the research, data collection, copywriting and structure this into a well-written brief for your approval. We’ll also write 100% unique descriptions, blog posts and press releases to accompany your infographics.


We’ll promote your infographic

We don’t just offer infographic design services, we also provide marketing and SEO too, ensuring that your infographic gets published on the high quality websites, many of which will provide natural links back to yours and encourage visitors to share. Opace can even create infographic videos which can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or your website for easy sharing on social media and blogs.


Leave everything to us

All we need to get started is a keyword, topic or headline and you can then hand the rest over to us with total confidence that you’ll get a great quality infographic.

We’re a great team

We don’t like to toot our own horn but we’re a pretty lovely team. We aim to make working with us an enjoyable experience. Just see our many reviews for proof!


We don't use templates

Our infographic designers are experienced at producing attractive, fun and engaging designs that make people want to read and share your infographic! Best of all, these will be 100% hand-crafted and bespoke to you! We don’t use tools or templates – and this means you will get something that’s unique and different to all of the other infographics out there.

Infographic Price Plan (No Contracts)

Whether you are looking for a standalone infographic design, a video for YouTube, or a complete package to include full infographic marketing, get an idea of the options and prices available below.  

We're confident enough in our service that we don't insist on fixed term contracts. All we ask is for 30 days written cancelation notice.


£1950 + VAT
  • Design + below
  • HTML5 creation upon sign-off of design
  • HTML and design source file delivery
  • 5 rounds of edits


£2050 + VAT
  • Design + below
  • Motion graphics creation upon sign-off of design
  • Video source file delivery
  • Royalty-free audio backing track
  • 5 rounds of edits
  • Add-ons include:
  • Custom audio track
  • Professional voice over
  • Please contact us to discuss

SEO & Marketing

£4,550 + VAT
  • Design + below
  • SEO, content creation and marketing
  • Keyword research and search volume analysis
  • Social media posts (600 words)
  • Upload to website or blog
  • Iframe embed/sharing code
  • Promotion across 15-20 popular blogs and image sharing sites
  • Digital PR or guest post writing (1,500 words) and submission
  • Add-ons include:
  • Interactive HTML5 infographic - £1,000
  • Motion graphics video - £1,100
  • Outreach to influencers (3 hours) - £360
  • Full social media media and/or SEO management - please contact us to discuss

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