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Successful link building strategies are multi-pronged attacks and need careful consideration in order to deliver the returns you are targeting; quality backlinks from domains with high authorities. With constant changes occurring in the world of SEO, we take a look at the most effective link building strategies for 2017.

Relevant, Updated and Comprehensive Content

Being a go-to resource for other companies in your target niche including the competition but also your customers is an effective part of successful link building strategies. As well as the content itself playing a big part in your SERP ranking performance, becoming a source of innovative and fresh content will help to improve your standing and warrant those backlinks you are looking for. Without the content, you will be putting the cart before the horse and asking people to link to something with little or no value.

Focus on Quality

A lot of SEO services companies would have you believe that successful link building strategies are about achieving volume and try to bulk sell backlinks. Not only is this a breach of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively affect your SEO but is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. One high-quality backlink from a relevant and trusted domain could take more time and investment to achieve but will deliver significantly more traffic in terms of organic growth but also from relevant SEO sources.

Blogger Outreach

Establishing a network of influencers in your niche is still an extremely potent way to deliver great backlinks. Best employed with a quality over quantity approach blogger outreach should be a key component for any link building strategies.

Blogger outreach link building

Bloggers are some of the most influential voices on the internet and backlinks with the right channels can seriously boost your online visibility. Image via Flickr.


Internet users have a limited attention span and infographics are an instant hit to the senses; delivering powerful and useful statistics in a short period of time. Designed well and marketed effectively, infographics have the potential to engage three times as many users and are 1.5 times more likely to be shared. Gaining momentum of their own, infographics can build great backlinks.

Avoid Black Hat SEO Tactics

Just as it is important to build quality backlinks, it is essential that you do so in the right way to avoid penalties. There is a critical difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO; the latter could see your website being blacklisted by Google and costing you dearly in lost traffic.

Avoid black hat seo

Link building strategies should avoid black hat tactics. Image via Flickr.

The Importance of Good Housekeeping

It might not be the most glamorous of roles but the housekeeping side of link building strategies shouldn’t be ignored. It can take months of dedicated hard work to build your backlinks to optimise your SERP rankings; a fall from grace can occur easily if you miss out on keyword opportunities, changes in competition and bad or broken backlinks. Stay on top of your link building by regularly monitoring their performance.

Building links

Building links is an important part of your SEO strategy and should be quality, not quantity, based. Image via Flickr.

Talk to Opace

Here at Opace, we deliver link building strategies custom designed for our customers and, with a 100% five-star rating on Google+, we know we do that well. If you’d like information how to make your backlinks work for your site then contact us on 0845 017 7661.


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