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Our Infographic Marketing & Promotion Service

Infographics provide a way of conveying complex information in a highly visual manner that is easy for others to understand. For this reason, it's a big mistake to overlook your infographic marketing.

99% of sensory information is filtered out of the brain immediately but 1% is retained and the good news is that infographics are in that 1%. We’ll help you to design your infographic and share this with your target market and drive traffic and links back to your website.

Why Are Infographics Great For Marketing?

Infographics aren’t just great for sharing information but marketing your business too. Here are some reasons why you should use infographics as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy:


Drive traffic

Infographics shared on blogs and websites will help to drive traffic back to your site, giving you a higher chance of increasing our conversions.


Reach new audiences

Infographics can be turned into fun and engaging streaming videos, helping you to reach new audiences on YouTube, Vimeo and other websites.


Links for SEO

The more people sharing your infographics on their blogs and websites, the more links you’ll get, helping to improve your search engine rankings.


Build brand awareness

Infographics that are consistent with your branding will help to increase awareness of your company. You’ll quickly become known for your expert knowledge.



Infographics are visually engaging pieces of content that people want to share. They can be distributed across multiple platforms including social media and email.


Improve blog content

There’s nothing wrong with text based articles but it’s good to change it up every now and then. Infographics provide a way to add visual interest to your blog posts.

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