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Infographics are the hottest new marketing trend so sit up and take note! Many websites are using them to share insightful information with customers and power up their marketing mix. If you’re on the hunt for a way to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign, make infographics an essential part of it.

What is an infographic?

Infographics have been around for a little while now, so it’s likely you’ll have come across one at some point. Basically they’re visual representations of information or data. They tend to feature quirky graphics, bold fonts and bright colours, which capture people’s attention and draw people in.

They’re great for presenting data to people in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. Whilst most people are unlikely to spend time reading a lengthy (and rather boring) report, the majority of people will be happy to spend a few seconds reading through an infographic, making them much more effective for getting your message across.

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Integrating infographics with your marketing channels

One of the great benefits of infographics is their versatility. They can be integrated with a wide range of marketing channels, allowing you to boost your campaign and get a step closer to achieving your goals.

The visual elements of infographics make them a good piece of content to use on social media and in marketing emails. They capture people’s attention and make them want to click-through to your website.

Infographics have also proven to work well alongside press releases. They’re great for sharing easy-to-capture facts with journalists and can get businesses featured on high authority news sites, which is fantastic for SEO.

Video infographics

More recently, businesses have been turning their infographic designs into streaming videos. Video infographics are even more engaging and ideal for reaching new audiences on websites like YouTube and Vimeo. They’ll also make a welcomed addition to your business website!

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Benefits of using infographics

1. Keep people on your website or blog

Infographics are compelling and attractive. They’ll capture web visitors’ attention and encourage them to stick around to find out more. They’re great for presenting facts in an easy digestible format and will allow customers to get the information they need, contributing to a better website experience.

The longer people stay on your website or blog, the lower your bounce rate will be, which is a factor used by Google to determine your search engine rankings.

2. Great for engaging with customers

Human beings are highly visual, meaning they’re more likely to remember something that features graphics (like an infographic) than a lengthy piece of text. Present your information in an infographic to engage with customers and get your message across.

3. Viral capabilities

Due to their attractiveness and easiness to share, infographics have a lot of potential to go viral. Get your infographics shared across multiple social media sites and websites and you’ll see an increase in your traffic and rankings in no time!

4. Improve SEO

Infographics are embeddable on websites and blogs. Spend time creating unique, interesting and relevant infographics and you’ll stand a good chance of getting back links from high authority websites, which will work wonders on your SEO.

5. Increase brand awareness

Create infographics that feature your logo and are consistent with your branding and it will greatly help to boost your brand awareness. People will also see you as more of an expert in your industry, which will help you to increase customer loyalty and boost conversions.

What makes a great infographic?

Now you know the benefits of infographic design and how it can positively impact your digital marketing campaign, you’re probably eager to get started. But hold your horses! It’s important to understand what makes a great infographic, so you can ensure that your design has maximum impact on your audience:

  • Unique – There’s little point in creating an infographic that hundreds of businesses have already done. Make your infographic unique and present new statistics (that you’ve gathered yourself) and people will be way more interested in it.
  • User-friendly design – Your infographic shouldn’t be too complicated. After all, you’re supposed to be presenting data in a way that is easier for people to understand. Think about how user-friendly your infographic design is and whether it gets your point across effectively.
  • Attractive and fun graphics – The majority of your infographics should be visual, with just a few bits of text here and there to highlight the points you’re making. Ensure your graphics are attractive, fun and relevant to your statistics so they stick in people’s minds.
  • Easy to share – Make sure your infographics are easy to share so you can benefit from social signals and backlinks from multiple sources. Include a code to people can embed it on their blogs and websites and make sure you feature social sharing buttons alongside it.

A marketing must-have!

Infographics have a lot of benefits and therefore should be an important part of your digital marketing campaign. If you are looking for expert infographic designers and marketers, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Give Opace a call to get started on improving your marketing campaign with infographic integration.


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