How to Build Powerful Backlinks Using Infographic & Video Content Marketing

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We all know that building backlinks is critical for an effective SEO campaign and the more powerful the backlink, the more successful the outcome. So, how can you improve your chances by using infographic and video content marketing techniques?

Why Infographic Link Building & Video Backlinks Are so Powerful

Humans are predisposed to interpret images much faster than text and content that is solely text based is far less likely to perform well in the engagement stakes than anything visual. Facebook stats reveal that posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without. On Twitter, tweets with an image are 1.5 more likely to be retweeted.

We’re a curious species and infographics specifically, engage readers 3 times more than any other source of post on social media.

build links with infographics

Infographics are over three times more likely to get a share than any other post. Image via Flickr.

With video, the figures get more attractive with 4 times more users preferring to watch a video about a product or service than reading about it. Clearly, infographic link building and video link building has a huge potential to reach an organic audience and improve your SEO. So, how can you effectively do this?

Well, if you are lucky, you can create content and share it via your blog, blogger outreach or social media channels to reach a wide audience but making the most of these potentially valuable sources of backlinks requires a little more investment.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Infographic and Video Content Marketing

Here, we give you a step-by-step guide to infographic and video link building:

1. Do your Research

As with all successful SEO link building strategies, the key to an effective one is in the planning. Find similar sources of infographics and video content to the one you are planning and run a backlink analysis on the URL using a backlink checker tool. Identify those sites that have a good domain authority and create a contacts list of these as potential sources. Tools like Majestic can check trust flow as well as backlink quality. For infographics, don’t forget to include popular image sharing sites, such as those below:

Consider which social media channels would be most appropriate to share your content and don’t forget to research popular Q&A sites like, and to see whether your content would be beneficial to an existing question or thread. This is often a great way to obtain great quality backlinks and traffic.

2. Ride the Waves

If your infographic has any link to a trending topic or current affairs/news item, then you stand a good chance of being able to capitalise on this trend. Use Google’s ‘News’ search tool to find relevant topics associated with your content. If you need to tweak your content at this stage to provide a better ‘angle’ then do so before publishing.

3. Build a Network of Experts

You can use social media outlets like Twitter to find relevant experts and influencers in your niche field. If your content is likely to be topical then you could also include journalists. Use keyword search tools on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to find top accounts, posts and commenters to add to your distribution network.

build network of experts for SEO

Build a network of experts to help your outreach and maximise your link building opportunities. Image via Flickr.

4. Do the Outreach

Now that you’ve built up a highly targeted list of websites and individuals, you can send personalised requests for backlinks to your infographic or video. If you’ve done your research well and created useful infographics or video content that is both relevant and informative, then the quality of your resource should do the rest.

Contact Opace

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of infographic and video link building to create fast organic growth with authoritative links. Here at Opace, we know just how to maximise this potential. Contact us online or call our SEO team today on 0845 017 7661 to discuss your infographic link building and video marketing strategy.

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