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Why to Choose a WordPress Website over Wix

Why choose wordpress over wix

It’s no coincidence that Wix advertises using social media models and celebrities – it’s quick, simple, and accessible. Unfortunately, it’s also amateur hour next to WordPress.

You do need to put time into learning the WordPress ropes, but the rewards speak for themselves; you’ll enjoy everything from improved SEO to more personalised designs.

Here are just a few reasons professional users should choose a WordPress website over a Wix website.

Stronger SEO

SEO. You’ve probably heard of it. You also probably know how important it is. Unfortunately, we’ve found Wix to be limited when it comes to SEO.

Things get a touch better when you pay for a premium plan, but there’s little you can do to optimise content. You can’t even set titles and descriptions when you publish on your blog.

Given that small optimisation changes can lead to huge rewards at minimal cost, WordPress is a superior product. You can add numerous plugins to manage your SEO and exert near complete control over how your site is indexed. Yes, you’ll need time to get your footing, but managing SEO through WordPress is so rewarding once you do.

Wordpress – wordpress features better seo support and features

More Plugins

The WordPress Plugin Directory is staggering. We’re talking 54,270 plugins – more by the time you read this. WordPress is open source, so you can modify the code yourself.

In reality, that often means using a plugin to do the work for you, and there are options available to improve everything from security to loading speeds. If you’re a decent coder, you can even get in behind the scenes and work through the site yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar with coding, use a premium plugin with inbuilt support to ensure you’re never overwhelmed.

More Designs

Wix usually touts its ‘ease of use’ in terms of design. Fair enough, it is easier to put together a site on Wix.

Problem is, it just feels so limited after WordPress, which offers a significantly larger selection of themes and designs. Better yet, you can change templates at the touch of a button and still find your content intact – ideal whether you want to change things up or move to a professionally designed site.

With Wix, you’re stuck with your chosen template. Switching means building from scratch.

Superior Support

Stats don’t lie.

WordPress powers an estimated 26.4% of the web. It’s used to launch 1.1 million domains every 6 months. There are roughly 6 new posts created every second. And so on.

Trotting out those numbers is enough to turn anyone’s head towards WordPress, but what’s really important is what’s behind those stats: a community. The WordPress world is a world unto itself, and that means you’ll find message boards and forums crammed with community members eager to provide advice.

When you’re ready to turn your site into something more professional, it’ll be easier to find a WordPress pro developer than a Wix one.

Wordpress - using wordpress provides access to online support

Better Shopping

Wix has a nice little online store section, and it works for a variety of small business payment options. Beyond that, the commerce section feels as limited as the plugin library and design range.

WordPress seems boundless in comparison. You’ll need to use a third-party plugin (WooCommerce is the industry standard), but you’ll find everything you need when you do.

Once you move away from smaller payments, WordPress moves into its element while Wix starts to lag.

More Flexible Costs

You can get Wix for free, but that means accepting ads on your site and forsaking eCommerce tools. Unacceptable.

Paid options are a no-brainer for serious businesses or even dedicated hobbyists, but even premium Wix payment plans just aren’t that flexible.

By contrast, you should easily find a WordPress plan that meets your needs, and you can always upgrade quickly and without fuss in the future.

Opace and Bespoke Web Design

Here at Opace, we consult with our clients to make sure that their website is optimised for the best user experience relevant to their business and customers. We tailor design all our websites using WordPress, Magento and Joomla. If you’d like to know more about our services then get in touch today.


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