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What is the Difference Between a Content Writer and a Copywriter?

What is the difference between a content writer and a copywriter

The job of a content writer differs to that of a copywriter but which is more important for SEO?

Two common terms for important jobs in the design and promotion of your digital presence, a content writer and a copywriter have very different jobs. The key difference lies in the purpose of what is being written with the critical distinction being one of how information is presented to the audience.

In a nutshell; the job of a copywriter is to promote (or market) the products and services of a brand whilst a content writer’s job is to entice, engage and entertain.

In this quick guide, we take a deeper look at the differences between content writing and copywriting and why both are an important element of SEO.

What is Content Writing?

A content writer must construct articles, blogs and press releases that have value to the audience above and beyond simple rhetoric. Their output is not restricted to promotional material which simply provides information about the services and products of a brand; instead, their work should be informative, educational and authoritative.

Of course, the job of a content writer is to help achieve a commercial objective, whether this is increasing traffic, improving quality sales leads or enhancing online visibility. However, well written content also serves other purposes, including boosting SEO, building trust and creating a richer user-experience.

The role of a content writer

Content writing should be about engaging the audience and giving them extra.

Boosting SEO

It’s often said that content is king when it comes to SEO and there is no doubt that search engines prioritise well written content that is intended for people and not an algorithm.

Building Trust

By contrast to copywriting, which is merely a vehicle for promoting and marketing your own products, content writing is an opportunity for brands to establish authority in their industry, to enhance their reputation and build relationships with their audience.

Create a Rich User Experience

Whilst copywriting to market your products is an excellent idea, it is not good practice to overly promote your own brand in your content marketing.

The key to well written content is to remain impartial, to provide authoritative advice and information and end by offering more information your own services and products. By doing so, you offer users something valuable which, in turn, will also develop trust.

In summary, content writers provide a form of marketing material that is less direct but equally as powerful as copywriting at driving traffic to your website and promoting your brand.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is actually a huge part of successful content writing and refers to the technical term for using compelling content that has a specific goal; to sell your services and products.

Unlike a content writer, a copywriter’s primary job is to use persuasive and high-level language to succinctly convey information about products and services.

Like content writing, copywriting should also attract an audience but it should also do more to convert them.

The role of a copywriter

Copywriting is all about the sales pitch.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Which is Best?

They are two distinct roles but there is lots of synergy between them. Put it this way, if content (writing) is king then copywriting is the aide-de-camp.

Well written content without the use of good copywriting would fail to have an impact with any marketing campaign.

In our opinion, the two are not just compatible, they are essential to one another when it comes to delivering the best results from your SEO strategy.


It’s easier to explain this by imagining one without the other.

If your digital marketing strategy relied solely on copywriting and you focused all of your energy on copywriting  then you run the very real risk of alienating your audience. The current climate of customers means that they are all too aware of when brands are selling to them and, the more you try to actively sell to them, the more likely they are to pull away from you. Marketing and sales are far more effective if you create an environment where you give as much as you take.

Likewise, content writing alone can entice an audience to your website but without effective copywriting, what do they do when they get there?

Together, a content writer and a copywriter can create an effective and powerful combination of words that is not only self-serving but that is generous too.

Opace & Content Writing

Opace is a specialist digital content agency that understands the key difference between content that engages and enriches a user experience and that which is intended to inform and instruct.

The team at Opace includes content writers and copywriters who can grab the attention of an audience, provide them with a rich experience of your brand help convert this to achieve your commercial goals.

To find out more about collaborating with Opace to provide exceptional digital content, contact us today.

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