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5 Tips to Boost Sales Using Magento

5 tips to boost sales using magento

Find out how to optimise your Magento eCommerce platform for maximum sales with these 5 tips.

A powerful eCommerce platform, there are many features to boost sales using Magento including those that can help you grow your social media following, boost online visibility and even identify what your customers want for the future.

With these five easy tips to boost sales using Magento we think you’ll be surprised at the results you can achieve.

Welcome Customers with a Pop-Up

It’s easy to boost sales using Magento’s pop-up feature which not only welcomes customers to your site but instantly attracts attention.

Timed to appear in the first 5-seconds, a pop-up can help direct visitors to those deals you want to promote, reward customers with a discount or capture those all-important contact details for email-marketing at a later stage.

A pop-up can be used to achieve many objectives and you can use various extensions to create compelling designs that are mobile responsive and fully customisable.

Pop-ups can help reduce bounce rates by instantly taking visitors to another page on your site and can help create a sense of urgency around seasonal products using countdown timers.

You can also use pop-ups to:

  • Announce flash sales
  • Target customers to increase conversions
  • Offer discounts to customers who have added a certain value of products to their basket
  • Convert visitors before they leave
Increase sales with magento tips

Use pop-ups to announce discounts, sales and promotions to increase conversion.

Optimise Site Search

Magento offers an incredibly useful and powerful site search function that is often underutilised by many businesses. After all, don’t all websites have a search tool embedded in them?

True. But, did you know that you can boost sales using Magento’s site search by simply optimising your product descriptions?

There are some simple ways you can optimise the performance of your site search simply by:

  • Correcting any misspellings
  • Using Search Auto complete
  • Updating images to all search results
  • Including prices within search results

The standard site search in Magento is good but there are some even better extensions that you can install on your site which deliver exceptional results. Klevu Search is a great example of how advanced AI and NLP-based technology is rapidly improving this functionality.

The beauty of spending time and effort doing this is that you know that visitors who are using your site search tool are actively looking to buy a product; they are not simply browsing without intent.

Of course, the site search tools also come with some incredibly powerful analytics data which will inform you about what your customers are looking for and how. These insights can help with setting minimum stock levels, provide future ideas for products and let you keep an eye on any emerging trends.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a no-brainer for any eCommerce store and offer a simple way to increase sales from existing customers as well as driving new visitors to your site.

Increase sales with magento customer loyalty

Loyalty has long been acknowledged as being a vital ingredient to boost sales.

As well as rewarding customers for buying products, you can also increase engagement by incentivising your scheme around other actions too including submitting product reviews, sharing pages on social media and referring a friend.

Loyalty programs are also a great way to increase sales by improving your customer retention rates, increasing average order values and staying ahead of the competition.

There are plenty of extensions available in the Magento store which deliver all of the above including Aheadworks and Reward Points from MagePlaza


For some eCommerce sites, the only time they think they contact their customers via email is to send out a newsletter but there are other ways you already use this powerful communication method which can help boost sales using Magento.

Think of all the ways you already contact the customer during the acquisition and sales process where you could be adding value:

  • Account registration
  • Order confirmation
  • Order despatch
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Back in stock notifications

These essential emails are falling into the hands of a captive audience and they have a high open rate so make the most of them.

Optimise these messages to include additional clickable actions and information such as social media links, discounts and promotions or even an enticing snippet from your latest blog post.

There are plenty of smart email messaging extensions you can use with your Magento store including TargetBay which offers 12 automated emails that can increase your conversion rate by up to 133%

Increase sales with magento using emails

Kill two birds with one stone when you send emails to your customers by optimising the content.

Gain Trust with Reviews

Product reviews are an effective way to increase customer conversion rates and go a long way to helping increase trust as well as improving engagement.

Research by the Bazaarvoice network found that product reviews increased SEO rankings, boosted overall traffic and encourage reviews from other customers as well as increasing sales.

There are dozens of extensions that can be integrated into your Magento store to allow customers to review your products including the Advanced Product Reviews plug-in by Amasty.

Boost Sales Using Magento with Opace

Opace is an accredited eCommerce developer with extensive knowledge of designing eCommerce solutions using Magento.

We not only offer a scalable and flexible platform for your online store but we also go the extra mile to make sure that you are maximising every opportunity to increase your sales.

To find out more about how partnering with Opace can help you drive more traffic and improve customer conversions, contact us today.


Image Credits: Joe The Goat Farmer/Flickr, MaxPixel, Nick Youngson/Alpha Stock Images/Blue Diamond Gallery and Tumisu/Pixabay.

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