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The Objectives of Digital Marketing

Objectives of digital marketing

The objectives of digital marketing

Digital marketing is important. You should be nodding your head. Here’s the rub: digital marketing is only effective when it follows a set purpose.

When someone builds a road, they plan out where it’s going to go, how many cars it should take, how much it should cost, and so on. They do not simply start laying tarmac. When you launch a new digital marketing campaign, you shouldn’t simply start blogging or emailing – you need a set objective. Without a clear aim or set of aims, you won’t be able to measure your progress or evaluate how well things are running.

Digital marketing objectives are energy and action done right. With that in mind, here are a few common aims to work your next campaign around.

Develop a Community

Popularity is no shallow pursuit when it comes to digital marketing. With a community centred around your business, you benefit from word of mouth, stronger relationships with your customers, and an easy way to develop new revenue streams.

Building a social media following is the best way to make that happen.

You don’t need millions of followers – just a strong core of people sharing and commenting on what you put out is going to help. Look into which social media site best suits your business, then try building to a certain level of influence.

Objectives digital marketing – use social media to foster a community

Use social media to foster a community.

Improve Organic Traffic

Traffic is one of the rawest metrics there is – you need to analyse and refine it just as much as you need to drum it up in the first place.

Organic traffic is the online footfall you receive that’s separate from any paid traffic, and getting more means ranking higher with search engines and using email campaigns and other inbound marketing techniques to bring people to your page.

Organic traffic is easy to measure, so goals can be relatively straightforward – you might aim for a 50% increase in visitors per month by the end of the year.

Boost Conversion Rates

Organic traffic measures who comes through the door. Conversion rates measure who buys once they’re inside, so boosting your conversion rate is a natural next-step after improving organic traffic. In fact, it’s inadvisable to consider one without the other.

Tracking conversion rates is simple via Google Analytics, which lets you break down how visitors are converting based on numerous metrics.

For a goal, you might want to improve conversion by 25% over the next six months.

Understand Your Audience

Research from Moz indicates that 50%+ of mobile queries have local intent – that means small businesses able to develop local awareness can profit without ranking high on a global scale, especially as Google pushes for more personalised results.

To take advantage, you need to develop a highly targeted digital marketing strategy. To develop a highly targeted digital marketing strategy, you need to understand your audience. Go beyond age and gender to really look at what they value and how they buy.

Goals are hard to quantify, but you can aim to build stronger, more detailed customer profiles.

Objectives digital marketing – understand your audience to improve digital marketing results

Understand your audience to improve digital marketing results.

Reduce CA

Bring down your CAC (Cost to Acquire Customers) and you’ll be getting more out of what you put in. Think of it like improving the fuel efficiency of your car – you want to go further using less fuel.

Determine your CAC by taking the amount you spend on marketing and dividing it by the number of customers affected by that marketing. If you spend £1000 hiring a copywriter for an email campaign and generate 10 new customers, your CAC is £100, which may or may not be good depending on what you’re selling.

Popular methods of reducing CAC include focusing on the most profitable marketing methods and automating as much of the process as possible.

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