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Top 10 Examples of Most Creative Web Design

10 creative web design ideas

Creative web design can make a huge difference to user-experience and may make your site more memorable than the competitions.

The design of websites has been evolving over since the internet was first launched to the public in the early 1980s. Advances in broadband technology has allowed designers to develop bespoke websites with rich-media content, high-resolution graphics and slick animations. The increase in the number of users accessing the internet via smartphones and mobile devices has also led to further innovations in website design.

What is Creative Web Design?

But, this is all technical jargon right? What actually makes a website creative?

In 2018, the world of website design has seen a shift in trends and this continues in 2019 with developers moving away from traditional navigation menus, flat pages and muted colour schemes. Innovation is being seen across the industry in the increased use of:

  • Animation
  • Responsive Design
  • Bold colours
  • Unusual, bespoke fonts
  • Micro-interactions
  • Unique artwork
  • Asymmetry
  • Floating navigation

All these things, and more, are transforming the way we experience, and interactive with, websites. What’s more, the best designs are writing the new trends that other developers will be trying to copy.

It’s far easier to show than tell so, without further ado, here is our top ten list of the most creative web design projects with our reasons as to why they blow your socks off…

1. Kobu


10 examples of creative web design kobu

What makes it special: The Portuguese digital design agency, Kobu, puts their money where their mouth is with their creative web design. From the stylish flow of the site and on-trend navigation to the informal and imaginative (and amusing) text, the whole design oozes creativity. We particularly love the graphics and the way they have incorporated cut-out images, animations and line-art.

2. Guillaume Bouvet


10 examples of creative web design guillaume bouvet

What makes it special: With stylish simplicity and a fresh approach to on-page navigation, this website from the French furniture designer is sleek and uncomplicated. The fixed frame challenges the latest trends of scrolling one-page designs and works extremely effectively at maintaining the user focus on single sections of the site.

3. EG Wine Co


10 examples of creative web design eg wine co

What makes it special: Using an engaging choice of saturated yet vibrant colour scheme combined with some highly responsive graphics, simply scrolling this home page is an exercise in successful creative web design. With on-trend hamburger menus and fresh social media extensions, this site is a great proponent for thinking outside the box.

4. Zingle


10 examples of creative web design zingle

What makes it special: Featuring unique illustrations, Zingle’s creative web design quickly demonstrates the power of bespoke artwork. Not only that but the site makes great use of white space, one-page design plus has some great in-page media.

5. Leeds Building Society


10 examples of creative web design leeds building society

What makes it special: This bespoke and interactive tool designed by the Leeds Building Society to help its customers work out their spending habits is highly inventive. The artwork is custom-made and zings with a great colour scheme along as well as being a very responsive, and useful, in-site app.

6. Nasa Prospect


10 examples of creative web design nasa prospect

What makes it special: With its interactive design, custom animations and one-page design this charming story board website has all the hallmarks of a creative mind in action.

7. Arche 68

10 examples of creative web design arche 68

What makes it special: The interaction this site is focused on the exceptionally bold use of fonts. Though the navigation could be deemed a little confusing, there is no doubt that this site is pushing the boundaries of menus and the use of graphics with text/typography to new levels.

8. Nurture Digital


10 examples of creative web design nurture digital

What makes it special: A Californian digital design agency that produces video content, it is unsurprising that their online calling card showcases a great deal of inventiveness. This creative web design incorporates some great use of fonts, custom animations and unusual navigation.

9. Rottefella

10 examples of creative web design rottefella

What makes it special: With its asymmetrical design and interactive navigation, the Norwegian workout apparel company has a great website. Sub-menus appear dynamically as you scroll down the site and this is bolstered by a hamburger menus plus innovative ‘timeline’.

10. Gander


10 examples of creative web design gander

What makes it special: Even the domain name for this New York design studio is imaginative and from the unusual homepage navigation to the retro mouse icon and informal content style, this is creative web design at its best.

Opace and Creative Web Design

Opace is a multi-disciplined digital agency based in the West Midlands that offers its clients the talents of a skilled team of creative and dynamic designers. As well as offering a range of design services for popular open source platforms which include WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and Joomla, we also provide bespoke, creative web design.

We love getting our teeth into a new design brief so we can flex our imagination muscles and showcase our original ideas. If you have ambitions for an innovative and singular website for your business then contact us today.


Image Credits: Pixabay/DanielleTunstall, Kobu, Guillaume Bouvet, EG Wine CoZingle, Leeds Building Society, Nasa Prospect, Arche 68, Nurture Digital, Rottefella and Gander.

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