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How to write a successful Blog

See how overcoming your fears can help you to Blog better

I’ve yet to meet anybody who ran their own business who hadn’t got lots of opinions – but ask them to write a blog and suddenly they have nothing to say!

They may even understand that the blog will help with their search engine optimisation [SEO], help drive more people to their website and encourage people to keep coming back but still think blogging is not for them They haven’t suddenly contracted some disease that makes them dumb but they are confronting what we all have to face eventually – the fear factor! Let’s take a look at four of those fears:

Fear #1 – Nothing to say

Really? No opinion about your own area of expertise – dressmaking, accountancy, photography; nothing to say about running a small business, or stories about how you have helped your clients; no tips, ideas or best practice to tell the world? You know you have got lots to say but you may need some professional help in creating a blog that is interesting to read, contains the keywords that will help promote your website and help in turning your readers into potential buyers.

Fear #2 – ‘Nobody’s interested in my opinions’

Do you know your stuff? Is your business different from other companies in your sector? Have you helped your clients? Then it’s almost certain your clients – existing and potential – your peers and indeed rivals will be interested. Choosing the right subject at the right time will help attract readers. Try to connect with ‘hot topics’. For example there is a Royal Wedding next year. You might be a caterer blogging about how to achieve a ‘royal feast’ on a commoners’ budget, or a travel agent writing about Royal honeymoons. Again there are companies who will help you find the keywords that will help you connect your business with popular search terms.

Fear #3 – ‘I don’t know how to blog’

When they say this most people mean they lack the confidence to put their thoughts on paper. Unless you’re a journalist, novelist or fulltime writer, that’s not surprising. Firstly, have a go – you may be surprised at how easy it once you’ve started. Most people want to hear your true voice – they are not expecting polished, fancy prose! If not, keep trying – as an entrepreneur you know not everything succeeds first time. Finally, get help! There are plenty of companies who will turn help turn your ideas into readable blogs that will raise your professional profile, ultimately help improve your website search engine ranking and get customers to sign up for more. They will hold your hand until you are ready to walk alone.

Fear #4 – ‘People will post nasty/stupid comments’

Perhaps, though it’s not as common as feared and you will have the ability to remove these comments. However, people hopefully will post comments – that’s the point of blogging.   You need to be part of the dialogue with new or potential customers, your peers and general public. They are talking about your business or sector anyway – your blog will allow them to talk directly in a way that will allow you to respond. Done well the blog will not only attract new business but provide insights, feedback and comments that will help drive your business forward. Don’t be afraid – there are plenty of experts who will show you how blog effectively, how you can use the blog to improve your website’s ‘search engine optimisation’ [SEO], and use an RSS feed to get people coming back to each new blog. As you’ve seen when it comes to blogging you need to use some of the skills that made you into an entrepreneur – make a commitment to giving it a go, keep persevering and, if required, get some expert help. And hopefully then you will have gone from F-factor to X-factor! To overcome these fears you will first need a Blog. It’s never been easier than now, with providers such as WordPress and Google Blogger providing a platform to set up, design and run your Blog, for free. If you are looking for something a little bit special, you can consult a reputable web design and SEO company as many will specialise in solutions like WordPress design and will be able to support you in building an exciting and informative Blog within your very own website. Some may even provide copywriting support and consultancy to help you to formulate your blogging strategy and deliver your key messages. Author: Brett Sidaway – freelance writer contributes to a number of websites on a range of topics from health, design and the internet. Follow Brett on Twitter.


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