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If you are an existing Birmingham based business – or are looking to set up a business – then upgrading or creating an effective website will be a major contributor to the success of the company. It will never mask poor customer service or low quality goods or services, but it will help your potential customers to find your company, and develop a pleasant experience that will encourage them to buy , or at least return at some point.

Our top 5 web design checklist

For businesses in the area, Birmingham web design can be the key to their continued success or growth – as such we have put together this short five point checklist of things to consider when developing an effective website:

 1. Website system (CMS)

Previously many companies had bespoke websites created for them by specialist design agencies. They had their advantages but today CMS web design solutions have far greater benefits for almost every organisation. However, there are many to choose from so do so homework, read online reviews and speak to the professionals about the different platforms available. Here are some of our favourites – Joomla for corporate websites, WordPress for blogs and Magento for e-commerce.

2. Relevant channels

Decide how you want your messages to be communicated. Previously, websites were the main digital source of information but today consumers researching suppliers, products and services access that information in many different digital ways – social media platforms such as Facebook, review sites, YouTube channels and blogs. What channels do you need to have, and how will your content be developed across these channels?

3. Content

Linked to the above, you will also need to decide the content of each channel, including your website pages and blog. What will be the mix of words to images? Is video important and how will it be created and incorporated within your content? Who will write the copy and provide the photos?

4. SEO

SEO should be integral to the web design, not an after thought. The structure, navigation and on-page copy will all be linked to your SEO activity. In turn, your SEO strategy will be reflective of your brand as well as the goods and services offered.

5. Maintenance and updating

From a business, customer and SEO perspective, the website will need to be updated and maintained so you will need to decide from the outset who will do this and how often. Although CMS systems are designed to be maintained by ‘non-techies’, many businesses don’t have the time or desire to manage updates internally. For any business in Birmingham SEO and great web design will make an important impact on their future success.     Remember to watch this space as we will be releasing a range of web design and online marketing blogs over the coming months. Our readers can also find our Opace Facebook page at For all the latest goings on, you can keep up-to-date with Opace on Twitter And we also now have an Opace YouTube page live at

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