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Top 3 internet marketing strategies for quick results

The internet is part of everyday life and is constantly changing all the time which is why businesses need to take hold of these changes and use them to their advantage by adopting the internet marketing strategies that deliver results. This article explains some of the most effective internet marketing strategies available for businesses.


One of the most effective internet marketing strategies is to start a business blog. Blogging as it is known is where you are constantly updating your website with useful content. Blogging is perhaps one of the most effective ways businesses can communicate and present information to its audience. Thousands of people read blogs everyday and soak up the information that is presented. Businesses that market online need to take advantage of blogs as this is a huge opportunity to attract for visitors and more revenue. Another important aspect of blogging is that search engines love blogs and fresh content. Once you add a blog to your business website, your online exposure will grow in all of the major search engines. Whenever search engine spiders crawl websites, they are looking for fresh, new and interesting content – they love it! By keeping a business blog that is continually updated, the spiders will keep coming back to crawl your website. Another reason why blogs are effective is because your customers are constantly kept updated with the happenings in your business. Not only that, blogs are now seen as the face of a company and a point of contact. Writing blogs in a personalised way shows your customers you are real and this type of contact is valuable for online marketing. Starting a blog is valuable for any business as it will generate new traffic as well as increased visits from the major search engines. Some great blogging tips include :

  • Platform – Choose a good blogging platform. is a free platform offered by Google and easy to use. A more sophisticated free blogging platform is offered by WordPress.
  • Name / keywords – Choose a meaningful name for your blog, one that relates directly to your business and include your top searched keyword.
  • Content is king – The best tip for blogging is to keep it updated with fresh, new and exciting content. If you don’t regularly update your blog then you will lose visitors.
  • Be chatty – Use an informal tone when writing blogs. You want your readers to get a sense of who you are and your personality.

Article marketing

Article marketing is another very effective way of marketing your business online. If done correctly it can be a very effective way for you to quickly distribute your content to the masses. As soon as you begin submitting articles to reputable article sites you will notice a steady stream of new traffic to your website. The more good quality articles you write and submit, the quicker your results will improve. Write a few articles around 500 words long and try to incorporate your keywords into the article. Most of the top article sites will allow you up to add two backlinks back to your website, so take advantage of these backlinks. Choose a great title and then write your article – try to keep it simple, clear and easy to read. However, it is important that the content of the article is interesting and informative. Write your articles around themes and topics that are relevant to your business and of interest to the user. Try not to become obsessed with finding a topic, just pick an area that you are comfortable with and go with the flow.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way of quickly increasing traffic to your website. It goes without saying that to generate revenue from your website you will need traffic, and a great way of doing this is to use Pay Per Click. As one of the most popular internet marketing strategies, here are some reasons PPC is so successful:

  • You only pay for actual visits to your website.
  • The results are almost instant – as soon as your ad is live, it can start attracting clicks.
  • You can set your budget on individual keywords and the campaign as a whole.
  • PPC traffic is targeted so your results are dependent on your target keywords – by choosing a selection of keywords to trigger your advertisements, you have full control over how people will find you for.
  • You can monitor the success rate of your PPC ads and create ad variations using different copy to test the water.

With PPC, you must make sure that you target the right keywords as the revenue generated, as well as the cost to run the campaign can be huge. PPC is hugely popular for the simple reason most of the major search engines are actively offering PPC ads. A popular choice is Google Adwords, but others include Yahoo search marketing, Microsoft adCenter and even Facebook ads.

Getting Support

When getting started with trying to build a solid online presence and attracting new customers using the web, it can seem very daunting. It’s likely that you will need the support of a local SEO consultancy and perhaps even a company that provides article writing services or SEO training courses to help you to get the ball rolling and generating traffic to your website. Don’t forget to use blogs and forums where possible as there will be lots of people who are happy to provide further support and talk about their own experiences and successes carrying out different internet marketing strategies.

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