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Location based services and Foursquare

More and more people are signing up to location based services such as Foursquare, picking up discounts for regular visits to certain locations, badges for stopping by participating businesses and being able to track your past locations with clever online tools. With this being the case and hardware innovations happening so quickly, it’s interesting to think about how location based software such as Foursquare could integrate with new hardware such as Google Glass.

One of the ways we could see Foursquare developing over the coming years is by incorporating more augmented reality features combined with using Google’s map and location data to bring an informative UI overlay to the user, potentially replacing the traditional satellite navigation systems and similar software.

A typical situation could be that you are wearing Google Glass with the foursquare overlay loaded, you walk past a local landmark and using Google’s recognition data combined with augmented reality, you can see a lot of information about the structure pop up around it, telling you which spots are also close to this you might be interested based on your past visited locations.

Map Data

It is interesting to think of how people will use technology such as Glass and how it could combine multiple forms of data when it comes to maps or satellite navigation. It wouldn’t be too unrealistic to imagine a total revamp of Google Streetview by incorporating user videos or images taken in recent months whilst on their journey. Depending on how widespread and successful Glass is, could we even expect video route data taken to and from destinations by combining multiple videos shot through Glass whilst driving?

It’s even possible that we could find out real-time traffic data by seeing videos or screenshots uploaded from certain roads or streets that you can check ahead of time.

SEO implications  could Google Glass trigger a new type of SEO?

This type of technology could trigger a new type of SEO by encouraging businesses to be shown in listings at certain locations or landmarks. You could typically expect these to be auto suggestions based on previously visited locations within the last month, and also search engines trying to predict or suggest people’s next stop after visiting one particular place or location. This would prompt SEO & Internet marketing companies to adapt to accommodate these changes.

It’s not too unrealistic to expect users to leave testimonials in the form of speech or their video from a POV perspective at restaurants which would give potential customers and exact point of view impression of food, service and the surroundings. These factors could all be taken into account regarding search position depending on how Google’s algorithms evolve with these new innovations

The potential that Google Glass and similar hardware has to offer is exciting to say the least.

As improvements occur with mobile data network infrastructure and data prices become more reasonable, it isn’t too unrealistic to imagine hardware like Glass combined with future software replacing a lot of traditional services and enhancing GPS systems and services to give a more accurate listing such as images, videos and sound as well as pinpointing locations on maps.

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