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The problem

If like many businesses our there you’ve hunted around for a reliable web design and SEO company and had endless issues with reliability, quality, etc. – then you’re not alone!

With so many people claiming to be web designers and SEO experts, it can be difficult knowing who is best to go with. Here we’ll examine some of the challenges of hiring a quality web design and SEO company and cover some of the horror stories we’ve heard over the years from customers that have come to us from other suppliers.

Many agencies can talk your ear off about web design and seo services but can’t actually deliver the goods.

Many agencies can talk your ear off about web design and SEO services but can’t actually deliver the goods.

Here are the top 5 complaints we keep hearing:

No. 1 – They’re good at selling but poor at keeping promises

One of the main issues you’re likely to have when trying to find a reliable web design and SEO company is that there are a lot of great salespeople out there. Yes these people can ‘talk the talk’ but can they ‘walk the walk’? Often you’ll find the answer unfortunately is no.

Whilst many agencies can talk your ear off about web design and SEO, when it comes to actually providing the promised results, they just don’t deliver.

No. 2 – We keep hearing different things, so who do we trust

It can be really difficult to find an experienced agency that actually knows what they’re talking about, can back it up with facts and show examples of successful delivery. We continually hear that customers are given mixed messages and don’t know who to believe, especially when it comes to SEO. It’s even worse because many SEO customers have been let down by providers in the past due to poor delivery or have experienced the wrath of a Google penalty due to bad practices.

No. 3 – They talk about bespoke but don’t deliver

Another problem business owners face is trying to find a web design and SEO company that offers the bespoke service they promised. Many agencies like to throw around the words ‘bespoke’ and ‘tailored’ in relation to their services, only to deliver the same old packaged products to each and every client they work with. When they’re trying to win your business, they’ll entice you with a 100% bespoke service and you’ll feel like you’re going to be their top priority but unfortunately this is rarely the case.

If they can’t provide proof, how do you know they’re actually doing anything?

If they can’t provide proof, how do you know they’re actually doing anything?

No. 4 – Other customers were higher on their priority list

More and more, we hear that customers were sold on great promises but shortly after commencing the contract it became almost impossible to get updates, see progress or speak to a representative. Businesses often feel as though their web design and SEO suppliers have bigger, more important customers to worry about and have forgotten about them.

No. 5 – Where’s the proof

SEO services can be incredibly beneficial to your business but only if your supplier is actually doing something. How will you know? Well they should be able to provide you with regular status updates and progress reports. Ideally there will be some form of informal communication, such as telephone or Skype calls, or better yet, face-to-face meetings. With all SEO there will be a forensic trail and work from reliable suppliers can easily be evidenced.

If you only go on their word, how do you know that they’re actually doing anything to improve your search rankings? Status reports are so important but unfortunately many agencies simply don’t issue them, so you have no idea of the work being undertaken.

How to find a reliable web design / SEO company

Unfortunately, many business owners have to kiss a few frogs before they find a web design and SEO company that is worthy of being their Prince Charming. To help you avoid some of the issues mentioned above, we’ve provided a few tips on how to find a reliable supplier:

  • Check out their website – One way to tell if a “web design agency” is in fact a good web design agency is by checking out their website. If the design is not up to much, you can assume the company isn’t either. On the other hand, a high quality, attractive and easy to navigate website has all the signs of a good web design company. Make their website your first point of call.
  • View their portfolio – A reliable web design and SEO company should be able to supply you with evidence of the projects they’ve worked on, along with testimonials and recommendations from their previous clients. This will enable you to get an idea of the quality of their work, along with their ability to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Review their social media – A company that provides good customer service will almost certainly be active on social media. This is another great place where you can get a unique insight into how they work and the people behind the company. It’s also likely that you’ll be able to see their communication style, examples of projects and blogs, news or articles showing their expertise.
  • Give them a call / arrange a meeting – As great as the Internet is, it can make it particularly difficult to know who you’re dealing with. To give you peace of mind that you’ll be working with reliable web designers and SEO experts, we recommend that you give them a call or arranging a meeting to see whether you get a good gut feeling from them.
  • Memberships, awards, accreditations – It’s ideal to checkout if the potential agency has any memberships, awards or accreditations to speak of. Here at Opace we are listed on the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR) and are also UKITA Quality Mark holders, both of which rely on positive customer feedback and testimonials provided regularly.

Opace rar recommendation       Ukita quality member

Speaking to suppliers personally will allow you to get a better idea of their knowledge, experience and approach to your project. You will also be able to determine whether they’ll be someone you are comfortable and happy working with on an on-going basis.

Benefits of working with a reliable company like Opace

Finding a web design and SEO company that you trustwill be difficult but the good news is that you’ve already found one in Opace. We have years of experience providing high quality solutions and services to clients locally, nationally and internationally. Here are some of the benefits of working with a reliable company like us:

  • We employ specialists not sales people – Opace doesn’t employ sales people, in fact we don’t have a single sales person working here. Our team consists of web designers, SEO specialists and marketers who have a proven track record in delivering great results. This means the people you speak to, will be the people who will be working with you on your project.
  • We’re a family-run business – Our core team consists of four Bryans and the rest of the team or more like family than colleagues. It’s rare these days to find a local family business where the company is founded on the principles of that family and the people you work with will genuinely care about the work they do for you and feedback received.
  • We offer truly bespoke services – We’re not one of those companies we mentioned earlier that says bespoke but actually means one-size-fits-all. Opace is dedicated to offering services that are tailored to our customers’ needs, the reason for this is that no two customers are the same or need the exact same support. Just ask our clients for proof!
  • We provide regular progress reports and meet with clients regularly – We believe in the importance of being open and transparency, therefore provide each and every one of our clients with regular progress reports and will go out to meet them to work through things when required. Our reports are written in plain English (no jargon) so you can fully understand our methods and see the results we have created for your business.

In the end, choosing a supplier will most likely come down to how you feel and your gut instinct. We hope you will get a positive feeling from us here at Opace, so if you would like to know more about our services or team, please feel free to get in touch on 0845 017 7661.

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