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How to write compelling PPC ad copy

If you are thinking of starting a Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaign there are lots of aspects to consider, from your on-page copy to who is responsible for delivering the Pay-Per-Click management. One very important aspect is writing effective copy and here are some really useful, really easy to action tips and help:

1. Vary your ad copy

You should be using multiple keywords and it is essential that your title/headline and description clearly includes these keywords. Even for the same keywords, you should try different copy. Split testing and analysis will tell you which copy proves most successful in attracting and converting customers.

2. Incorporate a call to action

As with all advertising, a call to action is important but often forgotten. You’ll need to decide what outcome you want from the ads – sales, sign ups, donations, etc – and try to add some urgency – today/now/while stocks last – to your call to action.

3. Put a focus on “buy” words

Much successful ad copy incorporates what many call “buy” words or “power” words. These words typically appear in front of a call to action, generally the more they appear in your ad copy the better.  Some of these words include “get”, “buy”, “try”, and “go”. Most companies find that the broader the term the less likely you are to see a conversion, but you might be more likely to get some clicks. It’s all about testing and what works for your company.

4. Check out your competition

The easiest research you can do is to see what the competition is doing with both their PPC and natural SEO, and you can replicate their keywords and copy ideas. However, in very competitive sectors longer-tail keywords will have lower bid prices and may produce more effective results.

5. Make sure you are always testing your ad campaigns for success

Detailed analysis of your campaign is easy, but is also often overlooked. Drill the available data to find exactly which keywords are making a disproportionate contribution to the success of your campaign as well as those that are not working. The data will show which copy and calls to action are having the best effect. It’s important to review and update your campaign on a regular, even daily basis to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

The results of this analysis can be incorporated into your longer term content marketing strategy, ensuring short, medium and long-term marketing success for your business.


Hopefully you found some useful PPC copwriting tips here. For more information making PPC as part of your overall marketing strategy see our previous blog Don’t forget the importance of using visually interesting images to capture attention and creating strong relevant landing pages, otherwise all your hard work in terms of writing the compelling PPC ad copy could go to waste.

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