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For many smaller businesses who sell their products and services locally, developing localised SEO strategy with their SEO company is a great way to achieve more sales and build their business. There are a number of brilliant tools designed just for local business, and localised search engine optimisation is a cost-effective and often quicker way to achieve great Google ranking.

Even for businesses looking to sell nationally, developing localised SEO can be an effective internet marketing strategy. Here are four tips to successful localised search engine optimisation:

Google Places

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Google Places is free and can be an effective SEO tool, but companies sometimes are unable to maximise its effectiveness. So when creating your Places page remember to include relevant keywords in your business description, and choose standard business categories with high volume searches. If you have multiple locations then create multiple pages. Don’t forget to add good quality photos or video, and encourage customers to add reviews.

Localised Keywords

Your SEO company can help you investigate and analyse some localised search terms or you can try yourself using the Google Keyword Tool. Search volumes will be low but should be of a high quality as they are specifically looking in the areas you operate in – some smart thinking and analyse should produce a strong list of such keywords. However these keywords need to be included in the content and structure of the website in the correct manner. Again your SEO company will be able to maximise the effectiveness of this. For more information, check out the following link for an on-page SEO checklist post Google Panda.

Localised Link Building

By getting links from local but authoritative blogs, directories and websites, you should start to appear higher for local searches. You may find that opportunities for localised link building are finite or a little bit limited, which is why it is essential to team this type of strategy with a strong Google Places listing. For more information, check out the following link for an off-page SEO checklist post Google Panda.

Social Media Activity

For local business, social media marketing activity can have a big impact. A good level of such activity – blogs as well as Facebook, Twitter etc – will help with your overall search engine optimisation, but more importantly it will help develop those local connections that will help your business grow. Let’s not forget that the initial reason for the popularity and growth of social media platforms was to build communities, networks and encourage sharing. Local businesses can use their social media activity to provide offers, information and content that their local community will value. Again, a social media agency can help develop this part of your business and incorporate it within your overall marketing strategy. Opace are a Birmingham SEO company providing a wide range of internet marketing support to local businesses. Remember to watch this space as we will be releasing a range of online marketing blogs over the coming months. Our readers can also find our Opace Facebook page at For all the latest goings on, you can keep up-to-date with Opace on Twitter And we also now have an Opace YouTube page live at

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