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Why Micro Web?

The growth of Twitter as a social and marketing tool has encouraged businesses and marketers to think small – concentrating key messages within 140 characters. With a few years of honing this technique, is it now the time to do the same for video?

Many factors are pointing towards a positive answer. Firstly, we have blogged previously about the commercial benefits of using web videos as part of your marketing strategy – with research and stats to prove video’s value in social media, brand building and, of course, sales.

Secondly, evolving IT is supporting the move towards video – lowering costs, and allowing non-professionals to produce an acceptable quality web video production. Video can be created on low-cost camcorders, and even smartphones. Recent apps such as Vine enable people to produce video straight to Twitter.

Vine is particularly interesting as it allows for a maximum length of six seconds – truly the equivalent of Twitter’s 140 characters.

Can micro web video work for businesses?

Can 6 seconds of video really help a business? We believe the answer is yes, but the six seconds of web product may require a lot more than six seconds of thought. You need to work out WHAT you can portray in those 6 seconds. Forget the sales messages but use the time to:

  • portray the people behind the business
  • record the day-to-day activities
  • provide a quick look of new products
  • record local events
  • introduce new staff members

Imagine you run a local deli, bakery or specialist patisserie: six seconds is the time you need to show the very latest mouthwatering items or today’s specials.

Of course, micro web video is not just about 6 seconds; you can use traditional methods of recording to make seconds of 20-30 seconds – but the idea behind the videos remain unchanged. Make them short, punchy, watchable – something that will add value to the viewer no matter how short the viewing experience.

And when the video is completed ensure you maximise your distribution: Twitter, of course but also Facebook, blogs and website.

Micro video can support longer more professionally produced web video as part of your marketing mix. An experienced video partner can help with ideas and SEO as well as producing the videos.

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