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Last Updated on May 7, 2018 by David Bryan

Those of us that blog, whether for business or personally, we write them to prompt some sort of discussion.  We post blogs in the hope that when it is read, a comment will be left. However, this is not always the case.  Here are some tips on getting your blog read and reread

Always invite comments

By inviting people to post comments you are ‘personally’ asking them to respond to your blog. A blog is open for comments but inviting someone to post a comment will almost trigger a response. This is effective for readers that are not that familiar with blogs as they will be unaware of commenting. By seeing an invitation to participate in a blog will prompt them to join in.

Always ask questions

Asking a question in a blog you post is definitely an invitation to get people to comment on what you have blogged about. An n effective way of getting comments is to have your title as a question as when they read the title they will be answering the question in their own mind.

Keep the blog open

If you talk about everything you are blogging about, it is highly likely no one comment on the topic as you will have mentioned everything. Write wisely so you are leaving the blog open ended as this will prompt people to leave a comment. Starting a discussion or adding some controversy always prompts response.

Always interact with any comments left

A golden rule of blogging. If you don’t use your own comments than why should your readers? If someone does leave a comment, always respond to it as this shows interaction between you and them. Important in the early stages but becomes harder as your blog becomes popular. However, this interaction shows your readers that you value their comments. Responding to comments creates interaction and your readers will feel you value their opinions. Always keep an eye on the comments.

Don’t sing your own praises

When blogging you don’t know everything so sometimes your comments will reflect your weaknesses in what you have posted. This may be a grammatical error, a spelling mistake or an incorrect argument in your post. Always take these comments well and respond to them in a gracious tone. Don’t respond in a harsh tone as your readers are likely to stop following your blogs.

Reward those who comment

Always acknowledge those that respond with comments. This can be done by thanking them for their input or mentioning them in another post that you write.

Make it easy for readers to comment

If you blog regularly then you will also post comments to blogs on a regular basis. The biggest turn off for people when it comes to leaving comments is been asked to sign in before they can leave a comment. Asking readers to register on your blog before posting comments is just another hurdle and always leads to spam in one way or another. So if you want comments, keep it simple for them to respond. Blogging is about sharing your views and keeping your readers engaged with good content. For more advice on Blogging as well as help and advice on SEO, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing, please feel free to subscribe to our feed.

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