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Creating a LinkedIn profile video blog

100% completed LinkedIn profile takes minutes and boosts your chances of making the most from one of the fastest growing social media marketing applications. The second part of Alexis Belle’s step by step video guide shows you how to successfully complete your LinkedIn profile


Why we have created this video

How to create a 100% completed LinkedIn Profile (Part 2) is a practical step by step tutorial showing you how to setup a brand new LinkedIn profile, so that you get the best out of the social network and reach 100% profile completeness. In this video we will show you how to: Fill out your Summary, Specialities, Experience, Skills & Expertise, Education, Recommendations, Additional Information, Personal Information, Groups, Connections, Contacts and Applications. An absolute must for anyone considering using LinkedIn for business or personal use, and a practical tutorial for people new to the world’s largest business orientated social network. If you found this tutorial helpful then please click the Like or Tweet button below or leave a comment. Remember to watch this space as we will be releasing a range of social media marketing video tutorials over the coming months.

Video Transcription

So there we go. So we’ve actually created our account now and it’s very basic. It’s got no detail on there so we’re going to go back and put in that detail in now. So now we’re going to go ahead and fill in some details in the blue box here. Now this blue box enables you to put in information. It’s kind of a quick way of doing it. I like to do it manually myself because I have a bit more control over the detail. So you can fill it in this way by putting in maybe things like the dates at which your current position started, things like skills, expertise, and it will fill out the detail. What you can do though is if you just click that little box away, and you can go into all these individually and manually and fill all the detail out. But if I just bring your attention over here. It says at the moment we’ve filled out about 30% of the profile. So there are certain things you can do to actually complete it fully, and it shows you the percentage in which they increase. So adding another position will give you an extra 15%. Describing your current position is 5%. Then adding skills and expertise, another 5%. Maybe adding your education will give you 25%. Adding a picture adds another 5% and then start adding your connection, will add you 10%. And the more detail you fill out the more you’re going to be likely to fill up that 100% completeness. So first of all you just want to go across and you just want to fill out any current positions, any past positions, put in recommendations. So you can ask, once you’ve got a few connection, you do need connections first, then you can ask people to recommend you or give you, it’s basically a testimonial so they’ll send you across a testimonial. Then you approve that testimonial and then you can start populating your particular profile. Also then we’ve got websites and your Twitter account, and you’ll start to see it build up over time. Then it’s a case of just updating it every now and again and as often as you can do. Obviously you can put in your summary, your experience. Then you can change or flesh out particular positions, fill out your education and then you want to start filling out maybe your personal information if you want to, and generally what you’re looking for. So you might be using Linkedin for career opportunities, new ventures, so then you can actually specify what your preferences are and put your business details. Also “Applications” so you might want to, if you’ve got a WordPress blog you might want to attach that and have that information appear on your particular profile, and obviously your skills and your expertise. So you just want to fill all these bits out, and hopefully you’ll reach the 100% profile completeness. So it’s basically an unlined CV that people can access and you can share it with people. They can also see your history of work and also you can get recommendations. So that’s basically how you go about filling out your basic application, or your basic profile in Linkedin


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