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How to add a custom Twitter background image

This is the third in a series of social media marketing video tutorials that we’re planning to roll out over the next few months covering Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We’ll be looking at the basics then moving on to more advanced uses for business marketing.   For Twitter Basics (Part 1) – see How to set up a Twitter account For Twitter Basics (Part 2) – see How to set up a Twitter profile How to change a Twitter background image is the third of our Twitter Basics series offering one of several video tutorials that we’ll be releasing on Twitter. The Twitter video tutorial series offers a practical guide on how best to set up your profile,  following people and how to use twitter effectively for business marketing. Please let us know if you find this useful and would like to see more?

Video Transcription

So what we wanted to do in this section is to create a background. Now you could get some free backgrounds on line or you can create them, but either way you’re going to want to upload those. So we’re going to go up here to the top where it says “Settings” and we’re just going to go into that, and we’re going to be looking for the “Design” tab this time. So if we hit the Design tab at the top, that’s going to bring up this part and several themes, there’s 19 themes that are pre-made that you can choose from. So all you would do is click one of them, and then you would hit “Save Changes”. But for this we’re going to upload our own image, so I hit “Change Background Image” and then we’ll go to choose file, and this will bring up the actual images. We’re going to hit this one here. It’s a Dodge Viper Hennessey, it’s just an example background, and in order to apply that hit “Save Changes” and it’s applying those changes now. And do bear in mind, you can change this back at any point and upload as many different backgrounds as you want. So to review that click “Home” and there we’ve got the background.


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