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A nation obsessed with technology and social media

After publishing my previous blogs about Facebook and social networks for business, it’s easy to forget that Facebook is also a social network that we enjoy in our free time, to keep in touch with friends and family. The problem is though as you are likely aware, most social situations that occur in physical form can be ruined in some ways by the temptation just log into Facebook to see what is going on elsewhere. How many times have you been out for a meal and seen people at more than one table browsing on their phones rather than engaging in conversation face-to-face?

A video I had seen recently which I have posted below sums this up perfectly:

The video identifies the modern need for instant content, snippets of news and conversations resulting in a generally low attention span that spills over into modern day life.  With convenient and instantaneous data that is delivered to us, it’s easy to become addicted to consuming ‘bite sized’ chunks of information via social media and news networks. Many users jumping tweet to tweet, video to video, but is it healthy for our physical relationships and ‘real world’ expectations?

Digital equivalent of chain letters

Facebook is also a place where many users seem to post images with text on them encouraging sharing for a good cause. These are subjects that requires action but instead of making a difference and supporting, for example, charities that actually stand a chance of doing some good, many Facebook users seem to think that because they are sharing a post that has ‘share if you think more people should support X cause’ they are doing ‘their bit’ but really it’s almost like they are sharing the post to justify their none-involvement with said cause elsewhere in their lives. As if sharing an image justifies their lack of charitable donations and makes them exempt from criticism for inaction.

We really need to get back to basics sometimes when it comes to donating to causes or getting behind a movement. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a fantastic way to promote a worthy cause, but in the right away. Sharing an image can be great for exposure, but it’s also easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are doing enough to support a worthy cause when you could be doing more.

The future – A healthy digital diet

I think being so connected is still a novelty that hasn’t quite worn off, so we feel as if we must consume every bit of social news or information out there at all times possible.

The TV show ‘Big Brother’ was successful for a time when reality shows were all the rage but now it’s been replaced by Facebook and other social networks. Instead of looking into strangers lives in real time via the TV set,  we are now watching our friends via a computer monitor and their Facebook, Instagram and Vine updates.

I think within time we’ll all remember how important our privacy is, that currently we have somewhat sacrificed to make the most of these new technologies and feel it’s a worthy sacrifice, but that won’t last forever. I feel that most need to balance the ‘always connected’ nature of today’s culture with enjoying the moments that matter most with loved ones away from the computer.

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