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Is it time to fling open the windows, let the fresh air blow away some cobwebs and start all those essential household chores you have put off in time for the long cold winter. For businesses, now would be a good time to do something similar for their social media activity.

Fling open the social media window!

As an online marketing agency, we advice businesses to regularly review their social activity. Things change – both in business and in social media marketing: what worked previously might not be working today, either because there are more suitable platforms or because of a change in business goals and practices.

Set time aside to review your current activity, and study any metrics; see how these support both your social media KPIs and your overall business KPIs. Use available reporting to measure what has been working (in terms of engagement, lead-generation etc) and, just as importantly, what is not working.

Blow away some cobwebs

Cobwebs occur when nobody pays attention – all those awkward corners you can’t be bothered to clean out. In social media, it’s no different; cobwebs will occur when you just keep repeating the same things without any real attention to what you are doing. You might use automated tools to distribute 3rd party collateral without reflecting if it engages your customers or even helps your brand.

Avoid automation where possible; scheduling tools can be helpful but nothing beats spontaneous activity that reflects the people behind the company. Social media should be responding to ‘buzz’ – and contributing to hot topics etc.

Time to refurbish

You’ve cleaned up and cleared out: now its time to start some social media refurbishment. Now is the time to develop some genuinely appealing and engaging content, not recycling 3rd party content or just pushing out sales messages.

The first thing to do is to look at sites that work for you – both as a consumer and as a business person. Regardless of whether you run a B2B or B2C organisation, the things that appeal to you should work for your organisation. These might be interesting thought-leadership pieces, or short videos; these might be competitions or giveaways; these might be ‘behind the scenes’ or community-based content.

One final tip for now from this social media company – get all the members of the team together and get them to contribute ideas from their favourite social media platforms. Transforming these ideas into content need not be expensive but they may take some constant thought and input – no more cobwebs in 2013!

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