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Why consider Joomla?

Joomla CMS is an open source piece of online software. This means that it is free to use its base core system, which makes it powerful and therefore widely used. Developers around the world contribute to building extensions and modules that seamlessly fit into the website; this means there are some free components and some paid components that can be used on your web development project that will cost considerably less than developing that particular function for your website from scratch.

Many businesses are able to utilise the full functionality of Joomla design without the need for 3rd party support; they can install, configure and update using their own technical know-how or utilising the world-wide community of users, developers and ‘fans’ to solve any technical needs and be kept updated on developments and upgrades. For others however, they may benefit from using the services of Joomla web designers. These services will incur costs, of course, but their expertise and experience should enable a return on your investment in their services.

Typical services offered by Joomla designers

The services offered will vary from provider to provider. Some will concentrate solely on offering Joomla design services, others will be technical specialists while some will integrate this with SEO and social marketing services and so perhaps can take a more strategic overview of your organisation’s online marketing activity.

Some of the services offered may include :

  • Conversion of an existing website to Joomla – it may be possible to use your existing design into Joomla and this is particularly useful if you are paying a third party to update your current website, cannot update the website or find the current platform difficult to use.
  • Joomla plug-in development – a big advantage of Joomla is the availability of free or low-cost plug-ins to increase the effectiveness or functionality of the site. A designer can help install these plug-ins or create a bespoke plug-in.
  • Joomla training and consulting – Joomla prides itself on its ease-of-use but training can help you and the whole team to make the best of your Joomla system – and make developing and updating the website enjoyable.
  • Template design and development – again, there are lots of free or very low-cost templates and the designer can customise these designs, or create a bespoke template to more fully reflect your brand value and organisation’s ‘look and feel’.

An experienced and professional Joomla professional will talk you through the services they offer, how they can benefit your business and the costs that are involved. Longer term, they can help you develop effective internet marketing strategies based on the functions of your Joomla website and business objectives.

At Opace we’re massive advocates of Joomla and have had the pleasure of developing many successful Joomla websites, but as you may have noticed from our recent blogs we also love WordPress and sometimes find it hard to choose between them when new projects come in. For more information the benefits of a WordPress web design please see:

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