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Last month Apple announced their latest product, the Apple watch which is said to be ideal for tracking your movement, pulse rate and a host of unique features allowing users to track data about health as well as interact with friends in new and unique ways.

A lot of users have stated that they consider the new device to be pointless if you already have a phone with you at all times, but remember those people that doubted the iPad when it was first announced? Let’s have a think about what we can expect to see on the watch once released.

Social media integration

As well as being able to share your heartbeat with a friend as shown in the Apple keynote, it’s easy to imagine Facebook and other social media sites creating specific applications that take advantage of these subtle possibilities. Notifying you of messages and birthdays for example. (You know, the stuff your phone already does).

The once pointless ‘poke’ feature may make a comeback as well as notifications pinging your wrist to let you know when someone has messaged you or contacted you on Facebook. It’s a lot more subtle than having a loud bleep on your phone alert you in situations where you can’t be checking your phone or iPad. For users that are active and enjoy running, it might make a lot of sense to give the watch a try to save having to get a phone out while you are busy exercising for example.

Apps such as Foursquare will also possibly utilise the device to be able to check in with a tap or something else minimal that doesn’t require you to be on your phone to do it. It’s also easy to imagine other apps and services making some interesting uses for the new watch.

Is releasing a watch a step backwards?

We are all so used to having our phones with us that are capable of a lot more than making phone calls these days. They keep us on time to meetings by having reminders, able to recognise music that is playing at any given time and track your movements with GPS,. Oh and they can tell you the time. With this being said, where does the apple watch fit in?

As mentioned previously, a lot of tech fans doubted the success of the iPad when it was first announced which later went on to be very successful (and still is). But for the price, what does the watch bring to the table in terms of useful functionality? Yes it’s a watch and is much more portable than a phone but does require an iPhone to be close by in order to be of any use at all anyway in terms of features and internet capability when out and about. With this being said, what is the point if you need your iPhone nearby anyway?

I’m sure that once the creative minds behind a lot of the most successful iOS apps start taking advantage of what the watch offers, we’ll see some apps that make life easier and make it even more fun to interact with friends and family. Whether or not the gimmick of sharing heart beats will take off remains to be seen but for the price, we should be hoping for a lot more.

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