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Far from being a fad whose appeal will soon fade away, blogging is the social media marketing for SMEs and start-ups.

Here are some of the best reasons why:

1. Google loves them

You need to get your website seen so you need to make sure Google not only sees but also ‘likes’ your site. What does Google look for? Increasing it is what your customers will look for – relevant, original content that is regularly updated. A blog is perhaps the easiest way to achieve this.

2. Bloggers love them

Don’t think of bloggers as nerdy hobbyists sitting in their bedrooms. In social media marketing, bloggers are becoming the ‘content kings’ and in every industry and sector their opinions are becoming increasingly important because their blogs are being seen by search engines. Bloggers look for content, so if they can find and link to your blogs then your website gains further promotion.

3. Customers love them

I’m not saying they rush everyday to check out the latest batch of blogs, but it’s only natural that they like new content on a website – and blogging is the easiest way to update the website in one easy move.

4. Your website loves them

Using the correct keywords, blogs will improve your sites Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] – that means your site is more likely to be found by customers – and that means more sales!

5. Your staff loves them

It’s not just that staff will love reading your every word, but blogs actually allow companies to get their staff involved. You can get them to contribute ideas or even write blogs themselves. Social media marketing is not just about selling; they can cover all aspects of the business so all of the team can become a part of the process.

6. Your ‘brand’ loves them

Branding is a complicated and much discussed subject but put simply it is the ‘emotional connection’ that people make with an organisation, so it’s clear that ‘branding’ should be important for all businesses – no matter what the size or sector: it’s often this emotional connection that make customers buy, rather than price, service or location. Blogging, especially as part of social media marketing, allow customers to make this connection as they read all about your organisation – it’s people, its community as much as its product or services.

7. You’ll love them

Blogs are a great chance to show off – in the nicest possible way – and tell the world that you are an expert in your field, you have a great team and sell the best products and services; blogs will allow to answer general client queries, lift the lid on your profession and even give you a chance to make your [business] opinions heard. Getting a response or generating interest is satisfying in itself, but becoming the go-to-guy [or gal] will not only swell your ego but ultimately increase sales. Convinced? You can choose your blogging software and get going today, but for more advice on blogging and social media marketing, Opace Technology Solutions offer an expert web design team who specialise in WordPress design, help, training and guid

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