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Why friends are never enough

For big brands, using social media strategy for brand development only is a luxury they can afford, but for smaller companies and SMEs their social media strategy needs to both build brand AND lead to sales.

Recent research that suggests that what consumers want from their social media activities with companies is not ‘engagement’ or ‘greater communication’ but bargains, offers and incentives. That’s great news for smaller business because it means their social media strategy will help develop a willing audience just waiting to be turned into paying customers. So here are 4 great social media marketing tactics for turning ‘likes’ into ‘buys’:

1 – Make them an offer they can’t refuse

As we’ve said, customers want offers, incentives and bargains from the businesses they follow, so make sure that is what you can give them. There is no business that can’t come up with some sales incentive.  And don’t make it a one-off – use your social media strategy to develop a year offering and make sure your followers know that they are regular, credible and genuine offers so they will keep coming back.

2 – Feedback fuels sales

As a further social media strategy, encourage followers to post feedback on Facebook, Twitter , YouTube and blogs etc. This generates further great content for future marketing. Make sure it is easy for them to do this, and add this ‘call to action’ on all your marketing material. Customers put increasing faith in other customer’s reviews so if you have them – and your rivals don’t – you will get the sale.

3 – Keep them engaged

As any social media strategy specialist will tell you getting ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ is the beginning and not the hardest part – making sure you keep them engaged often is. Don’t just post sales-related items, but add engaging copy offering insights, tips and reviews. Keep it interesting and even provocative – always remember to get feedback.

4 – Make it easy to make a sale

Get people who don’t know the business well to check you website, blogs and all social media activity. Ask them how easy it is for them to buy. So many websites neither ask for the sale nor show people how to buy. If you don’t sell online, are you certain potential customers will know how to make a purchase? We said they were great social media marketing tactics, but they are easy too! Plus, there is always expert help to turn your social media strategy into paying customers.

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