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Top 5 Qualities of a Magento eCommerce Developer

Top qualities of a magento ecommerce developer

If you are looking for the best Magento eCommerce developer then you need to partner with the right agency or person. So what qualities do they need to display?

When it comes to recruitment there are always key skills to look for in the people you place the responsibility of your brand’s reputation with. But, when it comes to partnering with the right Magento developer for your eCommerce needs, the stakes get even higher.

Selecting a Magento eCommerce Developer

In this item, we talk you through the top 5 qualities you need to look for in a Magento developer so you have the peace of mind that your online sales platform is professional, secure and future-proof.

#1 – Knowledgeable

It goes without saying that your Magento eCommerce developer should have plenty of experience but, in what? There are two essential areas we think that every developer should be able to demonstrate their understanding and, better yet, prove it with references and a portfolio.

  • eCommerce Development Background: Your developer should have plenty of experience working with Magento and Magento 2 with training in both to prove it. Look for an agency (or individual) who has depth of knowledge across all technical fields, They should also show an active interest in continued professional development. Without an understanding of how the eCommerce world is changing this could seriously limit the future potential of your own platform.
  • Understanding of your Business: No developer can produce an eCommerce solution for their clients unless they truly grasp how their business works. Whilst sales may be the key driver for your eCommerce solution, this will normally form part of a wider strategy. A developer who doesn’t understand this could be missing out on areas which could help you achieve greater business growth.
Creative magento ecommerce developer

Developers need to show creativity as well as professionalism.

#2 – Creativity

There are a lot of developers who can deliver projects that tick all the boxes for having the right technical merits but, to really get the best from your eCommerce solution, you need one that sees things differently.

Innovative and imaginative design in an eCommerce platform can make the difference between offering a functional online store and one that delivers a truly memorable customer experience.

If you don’t want an off-the-peg solution then you need to choose a Magento eCommerce developer who can build you a bespoke commercial portal.

#3 – Professionalism

Partnering with any kind of service provider requires professionalism in order to safeguard your business and brand reputation.

A good developer will make this an effortless part of their relationship with you and deliver on time, consistently and with high quality work that is measurable by performance targets.

#4 – Commercially Aware

Yes, at a basic level, eCommerce is all about enabling online sales transactions but it can also well with SEO and digital marketing to grow your brand enhance your business’s reputation.

A creative online store with a flair for inventive and unique design and content can make your website ‘stickier’ and keep customers returning.

#5 – Flexibility

Developers are often multi-taskers by virtue of the work they do but this is an essential component when it comes to working on an eCommerce project. The requirement to be able to focus in detail on the project delivery but remain adaptive to change is essential.

Another aspect of flexibility is availability and working with a Magento eCommerce developer who can respond to your needs is crucial. That they can do so quickly without compromising quality is even better.

Choosing the right magento ecommerce developer

Choosing the right Magento eCommerce developer is crucial to the success of your project.

Top 5 Qualities of a Magento eCommerce Developer

So, when it comes to partnering with the right developer for your eCommerce projects, look for someone who is knowledgeable, creative, professional, commercially aware and flexible.

Above all, your Magento eCommerce developer should be able to demonstrate all of this with testimonials and can prove this with examples of their work.

Opace and Magento eCommerce Development

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