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What Can Link Research Tools Teach Us About Writing Better Content?

Link research tools and writing better content

A handy toolbox of powerful SEO analytics and competition reporting, Link Research Tools can inform the way we write better content.

As we all know, SEO success is all about producing better content and building quality backlinks but how do you know where to start?

Link Research Tools is a powerful service which offers an impressive toolbox that can help you improve your SERP rankings, achieve high quality and organic backlinks and write better content.

What is Link Research Tools?

Link Research Tools is an SEO service provider that offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can help you improve the visibility of your website.

Link Research Tools extends to over 26 individually branded SEO tools including Link Alerts® (LA), Link Detox Boost® (BOOST) and Link Juice Thief (LJT).  Between them, these services offer a great way to:

  • Audit your existing links to identify those that are poor quality and automate the disavow process.
  • Recover from a Google Penalty. For more info, see: https://www.opace.co.uk/seo-audit-penalty-removal
  • Restore your Google rankings by detoxing any links that aren’t organic.
  • Grow your backlinks in a natural way with high domain authority.
  • Protect your website from future penalisation by monitoring risks from new backlinks.
  • Analyse competitor’s website and leverage crucial insights that can give you an edge.
Link research tools and writing better content seo success

SEO success is built around creating authority backlinks and writing better content.

Whilst most of their services are developed around the highly successful SEO practice of link building, there is much that we can learn from their suite in other areas too.

How Can Link Research Tools Help Us Write Better Content?

There are multiple ways that the services offered by Link Research Tools can help us write content that delivers better SEO performance and increases the chance of being linked by trusted domains.

Keyword Analysis

Link Research Tools can significantly help you write better content by identifying promising keywords that can deliver fast SEO results.

Link research tools and writing better content keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is a crucial starting point for writing better content.

The ‘Competitive Keyword Analyzer (CKA)’ too quickly allows you to run analysis on the competition and returns a set of results identifying:

  • ‘Low hanging fruit’ keywords.
  • Those keywords that have achievable rankings.
  • Detailed profiles of the top-ranking pages and content for each keyword.

You can perform a Top 10 analysis on up to 25 keywords and produce a heat map which can help focus your efforts in a more effective and organised way.

Keywords are an essential component of better content writing and help keep the focus on delivering material that not only connects with the users but also performs well in SERPs.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what content your competitors are receiving their strongest links can help you identify ways to outperform them by being ‘just a little better’.

With Link Analysis Tools you can evaluate the competition’s websites and links plus pinpoint those pages which are performing the best including any sub-pages and sub-folders.

Learning where the strongest links are coming from can help you tailor your content to

Tools like the ‘Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)’ can be deployed to scrutinise the link profile of a competitor’s domain and give you powerful insights into data, like:

  • Link Type ratio (redirects, mentions, rel-canonicals, image etc.).
  • Link Velocity Trends.
  • No Follow/Follow ratios.
  • Backlink trust metrics.
  • Keyword rankings.

Identify the Strongest Subpages

Not all pages of a website are created equally and even a domain with a strong and trusted profile may have subpages that outperform others. This can be a vital method for identifying not only what kind of content to produce but where to publish it.

The ‘Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT)’ from Link Research Tools is the easiest way to run a report on any domain to find what inner pages have the best authority. Once you know which pages are the strongest, you can use this to identify where to promote your content.

Link research tools and writing better content link research tools sspt

It makes perfect sense to find the strongest place to publish your content.

Of course, link research tools and content are only a part of the whole jigsaw puzzle that is SEO. For those interested, here you can find a more detailed guide providing our most essential SEO tips to improve your Google ranking in 2020 covering aspects ranging from ‘search intent’ to your planning and continual improvement strategy.

Opace and Content Creation

Opace understands that SEO success is built around writing better content than your competitors and that is well-linked… but this is only half of the story. Active management of your site’s backlink profile is an ongoing job that demands specialist knowledge if you are to maintain the highest online visibility.

We are a fast-paced, results-driven digital marketing agency that knows exactly what it takes for our clients to outperform their competition. To get a tailored approach to your content marketing strategy, get in touch with one of our team.

Image Credits: Pixabay/StartupStockPhotos, pxhere, pxhere/mohamed hassan and Link Research Tools.

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