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Best Link Building Strategies in 2019 & Beyond

Best linkbuilding strategies for 2019

Link building remains an important way to boost your SEO and 2019 looks set for this trend to continue. We’ve covered the most effective ways to do this in previous posts and methods like blogger outreach, creative content marketing and social bookmarking remain powerful ways to make sure that you consistently rank highly in the results pages of search engines like Google.In this feature, we take a look at the latest and best ways to build backlinks to boost your SERP performance.

Best Link Building Strategies

We’ll kick off with some highly effective link building strategies that are easy to start with and, the best part is that, you are in complete control of; internal link building and claiming mentions.

Internal Link Building

Internal links help search engines to better understand your site by discovering new content which can help with ranking.Make a list of your URLs alongside the relevant keywords that you want to use to link them with. Once you have this information, run a simple search on the pages of your site to find instances of this keyword and create an anchor for your internal link.

Internal links for link building 2019

Claiming Mentions

The chances are that, if your company has been trading a while, you have already been mentioned online. There is also a high likelihood that you have not been credited with a backlink for this mention. Claiming links can be a little time consuming but the hard work has already been done for you. Use a simple search on your company name or products to find which sites have mentioned you. The rest is a simple matter of reaching out to ask for backlinks.You can even automate this process using Google Alerts to keep informed whenever you, or your company, are cited online.

Research Your Competitors Back Links

If you are being outperformed on your SEO by your competition then you need to know why. By researching and analysing the back links that they are using to drive traffic to their site then you can understand how they are building links.You can use tools such as Ahrefs Backlink Checker to help you do this.

Linkbuilding strategies for 2019 backlink checker

Powerful Data-Driven Content

Producing innovative, relevant and creative content remains one of the best ways to get your site those all-important back links and 2019 will be no different. However, one of the trends for last year was an increase in the amount of content being produced from quality data using graphics, infographics and interactive tables and charts. Often used to answer a common question or address current affairs, this kind of content is far more likely to be backlinked. You could also combine this strategy with an outreach to influencers in your industry and grow your own reputation as an authoritative source of quality information.

Be Relevant and Responsive

One of the ways to maximise search traffic to your site and build dynamic back links is to create content that is current. The best way to do this is to take advantage of trending subjects. Of course, the faster you can respond to current affairs and news items the better chance you have of riding the popular wave.Again, you can use Google Alerts to stay informed about your industry or niche but you will need to be able to act fast to take full advantage.

Tried & Tested Link Building Strategies

Of course, the traditional white hat ways to build links via blogger outreach, broken link building and reaping the benefits of free backlinks via business directories are all still effective in, and relevant for, 2019.You can find a roundup of some of these ideas in our guide to building high quality backlinks.

Linkbuilding strategies for 2019

Opace and Link Building

Opace is a specialist digital agency based in Birmingham that provides expert strategy planning for SEO. We can offer clients a fully integrated digital marketing package, tailor designed to help you achieve your business goals for 2019.If you would like to know more about how we can help you backlink your way to success, contact us today.


Image Credits: Craig R Kirby, PicPedia, SEO Freelancer, Josh MacDonald.

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