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Facebook marketing and management Trust us - there’s more to Facebook than simply sharing what you’ve had for breakfast!

Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for Social Media based on 6 customer reviews.

Want to compete with the big boys? Facebook makes it possible! Facebook marketing is all about engagement and building strong bonds with loyal customers.

This social media platform offers excellent B2C and B2B opportunities for small and medium businesses to compete with bigger brands. It’s great for connecting with customers on a personal level, sharing compelling content and driving traffic to your site.

Wrights GPX Facebook Management

Blog and content marketingt for Wrights GPX on Facebook

Getting the most out of your Facebook Page

The more active you are on your Business Facebook Page, the more value you’ll get from using the social media platform. Don’t dismiss Facebook based on any misconceptions you may have, a large number of businesses and potential customers are actively using Facebook, something larger brands are taking advantage of. Here are some things Facebook is great for:

Building relationships

Facebook is great for getting to know more about your customer and in turn they can learn a little about the people behind your company

Drive traffic to your site

Share interesting and engaging content from your Facebook page on a regular basis to stand a high chance of gaining click throughs (and therefore sales) from your followers.

Sharing special offers

Use Facebook to market eCommerce offers and discounts.  Facebook is also brilliant for generating brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Improve SEO with 'shares'

Google is thought to use social signals such as Facebook likes and shares when ranking your website. The more you get, the more likely you are to rank higher for your keywords.

Customer service

Facebook can also be used to answer customer queries and deal with complaints. Handle customer service well and it’ll do wonders for your brand’s reputation.

Becoming experts

Share interesting and unique content on a regular basis to build-up a reputation as an expert in your niche. This will help to build customers’ trust and generate additional likes and shares.

Why choose Opace for your Facebook marketing?

If you’re looking to take your social media or digital marketing and SEO strategy to the next level, Facebook marketing is an absolute must for many businesses. Luckily for you, Opace happen to have lots of experience with Facebook marketing, for both B2C and B2B. Our dedicated social media marketing team will help you develop a bespoke strategy tailored to your needs and goals.

Here are a few reasons why we think we’re the ideal partner for your Facebook marketing: 

1. We do it all

We’re not a one-trick-pony! We have experience in all areas of Internet marketing and can help you create an integrated digital marketing and SEO strategy for your business, starting with your social media.

2. Affordable prices

Facebook marketing shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We keep our prices competitive and offer a range of flexible packages so you can benefit from true value for money services.

3. Friendly marketing professionals

We keep our services friendly, yet professional. Don’t like jargon? Neither do we! Let’s create a Facebook marketing strategy that’s results-driven and reflects the values and personality of your brand.

4. Marketing experts

We’ll implement bespoke strategies to boost your overall internet marketing campaign and business/marketing goals.

5. Design and content creation

Our exert team will provide advice and assistance developing captivating content for your Facebook page, including blog articles, PR content and graphic/video infographics.  In addition, we will create compelling landing pages and campaign designs that attract visitors and keep them on your Facebook page.

6. Specialists in Facebook PPC

Our PPC team will help you to effectively utilise Facebook PPC (paid advertising) to support your social media objectives, whether your goal is to build brand exposure, increase Likes or generate sales. Facebook advertising offers one of the most cost effective forms of PPC available. 

7. Social media management

We offer a fully outsourced social media management service, where we will run everything for you, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other social network, allowing you to be hands-off and focus on your business.

Facebook management service

Our Facebook management service enables us to work as a part of your own business (we’re effectively a virtual marketing team), writing, posting and engaging your customers with exciting content and campaigns – they would never know it wasn’t you. 

Like our Facebook services?

If you’re interested in hearing more about our Facebook marketing services, call us today on 0845 017 7661.

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How we can support your business marketing

If you’re interested in working with Opace on your Facebook marketing campaign, here’s some of the services you can expect to receive from us:

Facebook Analysis and auditing

We’ll analyse your business and market, before auditing your current Facebook marketing strategy to identify the areas requiring improvement.

Design your Facebook page

Our web designers will re-configure your Facebook page and create custom tabs and landing pages to engage potential customers.

Developing Facebook content

Opace’s copywriters and social media marketers will get to work on creating compelling content that engages customers and contributes towards your digital marketing strategy.

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Looking for assistance with your Facebook strategy?
Call our social media team on 0845 017 7661.

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