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Want to compete with the big boys? Facebook makes it possible! Facebook marketing is all about engagement and building strong bonds with loyal customers.

This social media platform offers excellent B2C and B2B opportunities for small and medium businesses to compete with bigger brands. It’s great for connecting with customers on a personal level, sharing compelling content and driving traffic to your site.

Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Marketing

The more active you are on your Facebook Page, the more value you’ll get from using this powerful social media platform. Don’t dismiss Facebook based on any misconceptions you may have, a large number of businesses and potential customers are actively using Facebook marketing, something larger brands are taking advantage of. Here are some things Facebook is great for:


Building relationships

Facebook is great for getting to know more about your customer and in turn they can learn a little about the people behind your company.


Driving traffic to your site

Share interesting and engaging content from your Facebook page on a regular basis to stand a high chance of gaining click-throughs (and therefore sales) from your followers.


Sharing special offers

Use Facebook marketing to market eCommerce offers and discounts. Facebook is also brilliant for generating brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Improving SEO and credibility with ‘shares’

Google is thought to use social signals such as Facebook likes and shares when ranking your website. The more you get, the more likely you are to rank higher for your keywords.


Customer service

Facebook can also be used to answer customer queries and deal with complaints. Handle customer service well and it’ll do wonders for your brand’s reputation.


Becoming experts

Share interesting and unique content on a regular basis to build up a reputation as an expert in your niche. This will help to build customers’ trust and generate additional likes and shares.

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