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Summary: The UK’s #1 electronic cigarette brand asked us to take their SEO and social media activity to the next stage and create buzz for the brand in one of the fastest growing markets

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E-Lites approached Opace back in 2012, looking for a digital marketing agency who could assist them with their SEO and social media activity.

Operating in one of the fastest-growing market sectors, E-Lites were looking to ‘get back on top’ after an influx of new brands and competitors offering rival products came onto the scene. During 2012-2013, Opace worked closely with E-Lites and were able to “develop the company is lots of exciting directions”. Taking control of the social media management, we delivered exciting Facebook campaigns and increased Twitter engagement, while adding 1000s of new fans and followers. We also produced engaging blog content and focused on enhancing the SEO to help increase E-Lites’ brand recognition and rankings in Google.

The Result

According to Managing Director Dermot Ryan, “Opace’s SEO expertise has changed the way we work”. Our SEO efforts resulted in an increase of 28% in Google.co.uk visibility and 11 new position 1 rankings, including “quit smoking aids”, “stop smoking aids”, “electronic cigarettes uk”and “buy electronic cigarettes”.

Opace were able to develop the company is lots of exciting directions. Their social media expertise meant that they developed a strategy that soon added 1000s of new fans and followers, engaged with our customers and increased our brand recognition. They more than doubled the number of both Facebook fans and Twitter followers within four months. Opace’s SEO expertise has changed the way we work – they helped us develop a brilliant blog and created relevant and expert content. We saw a great improvement in our search engine performance. We always found Opace easy to work with, full of practical business-focussed ideas and they developed a real insight into our business and market sector.
-Dermot Ryan

Managing Director

E-Lites social media
E-Lites Facebook marketing
E-Lites Social Media Management
E-Lites Social Media Management
E-Lites Social Media Management

Skills used:

responsive magento design
Magento Design
seo support
Seo Support
Social Media

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