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  • Published on: December 28, 2014
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Summary: Fully integrated internet marketing service for Baker Godchild, jam packaged to include SEO, blogging, PR, infographics, website copywriting and full social media management.


Fulfilling the SEO and digital marketing needs of one of the UK’s leading mail fulfilment houses for over 4 years.
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CASE STUDY: bakergoodchild

The print and direct mail specialists bakergoodchild first came to Opace back in 2013 to deliver on their social media needs. We made an immediate impact by growing their Facebook likes by over 800% in the first month and delivered a massive growth in their Twitter activity too. It was a fantastic start to a strategic campaign to build numbers, engagement and lead generation.

It logically followed that we supported their other digital activities. 12 months in and after being heavily penalised by Google due to previous SEO work undertaken, we were asked by bakergoodhild to take over and deliver a quality-driven approach to SEO as well as their social media. This included fixing various Google penalties, a full revamp of the website content and a new strategy for content marketing.

Our approach included a mixture of digital marketing activities, including:

  • Website and SEO audit, recommendations and action plan
  • Keyword analysis, full on-site SEO and website copywriting
  • Cutting edge infographics to help establish bakergoodchild as an authority in their field and to help generate valuable social interest and backlinks
  • Daily Twitter updates, engagement and follower acquisition, Daily Facebook updates, engagement and promotional campaigns to attract new fans, including Facebook Ads and Remarketing
  • Integrated digital marketing to include regular SEO updates, on-site blogging, PR, infographic promotion and social media
  • Recovery from combined Penguin and Panda penalties

Our aggressive approach to penalty recovery helped to ensure any duplicate content was removed and any suspicious links discounted prior to the Penguin 3.0 update. Following our hard work, the website slowly recovered and came back stronger than ever before.

In addition, bakergoodchild have recently undergone a website redevelopment project using WordPress, which we recommended as part of our SEO strategy. The change in technology, combined with responsive design, new content and other key SEO enhancements have paid off and helped bakergoodchild to see a significant uplift in organic visibility, rankings and traffic.

The Results:

Over the past 12 months, bakergoodchild have seen an increase in overall organic visibility of 30% or more. Strong page 1 rankings and organic traffic now outperform paid traffic from PPC. The website is on the first page of Google for over 100 competitive keywords, including strong page 1 positions for competitive keywords like “Direct Marketing”, “Direct Mail” and “Mailshots”. All results that the team here at Opace and bakergoodchild are extremely pleased with.

We are really pleased with the marketing support we are receiving from the Opace team. Their social media strategy and ideas have generated a massive increase in followers, reach and influence – helping us to build our brand online exposure through their integrated digital marketing services. The team have developed and managed successful Facebook ad campaigns, targeting specific sectors and incorporating the latest remarketing techniques to boost our digital presence using social media. Opace’s SEO support has helped us make the most of changing practices to increase our search engine results. They have helped us to incorporate blogging, content development and content marketing strategies such as PR and infographic marketing into our ongoing SEO and social media activities. We have enjoyed a continued relationship with Opace and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies who are embarking on a digital marketing project such as ours.
-Bruce Thompson


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Content marketing
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Seo Support
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