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Baker Goodchild

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Baker Goodchild
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  • Baker Goodchild
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  • Last modified: January 29, 2018

Summary: Fully integrated internet marketing service for Baker Godchild, jam packaged to include SEO, blogging, PR, infographics, website copywriting and full social media management.

The team at Baker Goodchild approached Opace in 2013 for help improving their social media marketing.

1 month = 1,000 Likes

Baker Goodchild, the Birmingham print management and bulk postal specialists, asked us to give their social media activity a boost – and we certainly did that when we helped them add over 1000 new Facebook Likes in less than one month. It was a fantastic start to a strategic campaign to build numbers, engagement and lead generation. At the same time we more than doubled their number of Twitter followers. Baker Goodchild MD said “Really well done in Month 1” – and we have to agree.

It logically followed that we supported their other digital activities and helped them to deliver a quality-driven approach to SEO and marketing, including a full revamp of their website content, on-page SEO and blog.

We also helped to carry out a number of SEO audits and an aggressive Disavow exercise to ensure any suspicious links were discounted prior to Penguin 3.0. The frustrating part is that we had to wait for nearly five months to see the results come to fruition.

Following our work on the SEO and the Penguin 3.0 refresh, the website was ranking again for all its local keywords after many months of being buried deep within Google’s search results. Across all search engines we have seen 33 new keywords ranking in the top 3 positions, 64 new keywords ranking on page 1, 147 new keywords ranking on pages 1-10 with competitive keywords such as ‘mailing house’ have shown the most significant improvements in over a year. All results that the team here at Opace and Baker Goodchild are extremely pleased with.

We are really pleased with the marketing support we are receiving from the Opace team. Their social media strategy and ideas have generated a massive increase in followers, reach and influence – helping us to build our brand and online exposure through their integrated digital marketing services.

The team have developed and managed successful Facebook ad campaigns, targeting specific sectors and incorporating the latest remarketing techniques to boost our digital presence using social media.

Opace’s SEO support has helped us make the most of changing practices to increase our search engine results. They have helped us to incorporate blogging, content development and content marketing strategies such as PR and infographic marketing into our ongoing SEO and social media activities.

We have enjoyed a continued relationship with Opace and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies who are embarking on a digital marketing project such as ours.”

Bruce Thompson, Founder

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