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WooCommerce Developer & Support Agency

WooCommerce isn’t a name you’ll forget in a hurry and may sound more like a dating site than something you’d want to integrate into your online store. As WooCommerce experts, Opace understand exactly how to customise this flexible WordPress plugin to get the best out of your eCommerce strategy.

Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for Web Design based on 18 customer reviews.

Need a flexible and secure solution for your eCommerce needs with ultimate control and design adaptability? Discover why WooCommerce is the expert’s favourite choice for selling physical and digital goods online.

Powering almost one in three digital storefronts, WooCommerce is a powerful plugin designed for the WordPress CMS and one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. It offers high functionality, reliable performance and the ultimate in bespoke design. Free to use, the plugin works with any WordPress site and delivers a beautiful and easy to use solution that will enhance the storefront experience for your customers.

Really Aswesome Coffee web design and development project by Opace

Really Awesome Coffee WordPress web design and development project by Opace

Modular WordPress design using Divi

Modular WordPress and WooCommerce shop design using Divi Page builder

Why choose WooCommerce?

Designed to be adaptable, WooCommerce’s strengths are in the huge range of extensions and add-ons available to customise your eCommerce storefront; all delivered with security, reliability and flexibility in mind.

Power at your fingertips

The highly flexible design of WooCommerce makes it simple to control and allows you to customise your settings and extensions at any time.

Security at its heart

Audited by a team of industry leading expert developers, WooCommerce offers a dynamic security task force to quickly respond to bugs and online data security threats.

Payment options

Supports all major payment methods including PayPal, BACS, credit cards, cash on delivery and more than 140 solutions including Amazon & Stripe.

Various product types

WooCommerce supports online sales for all kinds of products and services including physical goods, affiliate products, downloads. You can even sell your time.

Built for end-users

Built with open source, WooCommerce is great for delivering powerful front end solutions customised by developers for your website’s end users.

Shipping methods

WooCommerce delivers a powerful choice for all kinds of shipping including domestic, international and drop shipping. Choose from flat rates, free shipping or dynamic shipping charges.

What makes Opace a great WooComerce support agency?

If you are considering using WooCommerce services to build your perfect storefront then Opace are one of the best partners to deliver the best eCommerce experience. And we don’t just say so ourselves. Our customers repeatedly rate Opace highly for the quality of our innovation, the reliability of our delivery and the creativity of our web design and eCommerce services. We believe that the Woo doesn’t stop at Commerce and invite any new clients to let us enchant them with our approach to WooCommerce development services.

From start to finish, Opace provides a fully integrated service to deliver an optimum eCommerce solution meaning you can concentrate on order fulfilment.

1. Experts in eCommerce solutions

Customers want an exciting and interactive service when it comes to shopping online but without the hassle of leaving their homes. We understand how important the balance is between innovative storefronts and trustworthy professionalism.

2. 100% technical support; 100% plain English

Whilst we know our hypermedia driven interfaces from our hypertext transfer protocol, we’re also fully conversant in plain English; without the hyper jargon.

3. Fully customised solutions

At Opace, we don’t believe in square pegs or round holes, we develop every solution to suit each and every client whatever their budget and however complex (or simple) their needs. 

4. Opace are the Alpha Geeks

Looking for WooComerce experts? Our team has worked extensively with WooCommerce and can support any theme development. We don’t mind admitting it but our talented team are creative geniuses when it comes to WooCommerce development.

5. We love it when a plan comes together

Unlike some other WooCommerce support agencies, we want to hold your hand every step of the way; from the genius of the detailed planning stages to delivering the masterstroke and beyond; which is why we think we’re your A-Team choice.

6. We’ve got it covered, from every angle

Whether you want extension and module development, custom development of plugins or a tailor-made shopping cart our team can deliver it all and plenty more. We design and build a tailor-made solution unique to you and your target audience. 

7. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but…

We prefer to let our reputation speak for itself and our clients tell us that they think we offer a Good to Outstanding service. Our core ethos is providing bespoke strategies at affordable prices. We work collaboratively and transparently and always provide an ethical service so you know your reputation is safe in our hands.

Still need some more reasons to consider WooCommerce as your next online storefront solution?

It’s okay. Just because over 30% of the world has chosen WooCommerce to power their eCommerce platform doesn’t mean you should follow their lead without good reason. We’re big believers in daring to be different, after all better to be a nerd than one of the herd, right? Which is one of the main reasons why we think WooCommerce is deservedly one of the world’s most popular eCommerce tool; because it’s fully customisable and allows you to be daring in your design, bold in your development and wholly unique in the experience you offer your customers.

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Not only that, but WooCommerce also offers:

Integration across all major social media platforms

Let your customers share product previews across Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and more with just a simple click.

Powerful simplicity

Updating products is an intuitive and straightforward task than you can even delegate to a child; it’s cheaper than day-care.

Dynamic integration with global names

Plugins and tools to link your storefront to payment solutions like SagePay, Skrill, WorldPay and PayPal. You can also use add-ons to integrate your delivery systems using services from UPS and FedEx.

What our clients say about us

Acorns Children's Hospice

Lucid Group

WM Creative

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Call Opace on 0845 017 7661 today for support with your WooCommerce design, development and marketing.

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