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A catalogue of useful tools, resources and third-party links used and created by our team at Opace

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Over the years, we’ve come across, used and even created a wide range of useful resources, tools and links. So we decided it was finally time to put all of this together and provide visitors with a single place to find everything.

Resources we wanted to share

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Our blog

Where better place to start than our blog – with over 300 posts (and counting) on a range of useful subjects relating to technology, eCommerce, web design, SEO and digital marketing, there’s an absolute wealth of useful information, insights and guidance here from the team at Opace.

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Our jargon buster

We decided that it would be useful to provide visitors with a digital marketing jargon buster which offers a series of terms, definitions, “how to” guides and FAQs relating to the technologies and services we provide. It’s a work in progress with over 50 FAQs and guides added to-date and something we very much plan to build on in the future.

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Our Essential SEO Toolkit – An SEO analysis tool for Goole Chrome and WordPress

Our developers have created a solution which we call the “Essential SEO Toolkit”, which is available here for Chrome and here for WordPress. The idea started out as an internal tool to help the digital marketing team at Opace quickly access a range of SEO and digital marketing tools for any given website. Examples of these tools include Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools, Google’s Mobile Friendly tool, Alexa, Moz Link Explorer and more. We decided that what started out as an internal tool to help our web developers and marketers would be of benefit to other users and decided to make these available for free to download and install.

Other planned developments

While currently, the solution is only available for Google Chrome and WordPress, we do plan to make enhancements in the near future and are considering versions for Magento and Joomla as well.

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Links that we’ve found useful

As well as our own articles, guides and tools, we’ve also found an absolute goldmine of useful links from around the Web over the years. Below, we have included links to the various pages we have created on the following topics:

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As much as possible, we like to provide as much free help and support as we can. If you feel we have missed anything or would like additional help from a professional digital agency, please get in touch with Opace on our contact page.

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