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Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for SEO based on 15 customer reviews.
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Increase your website’s visibility, traffic and sales with Opace, a quality-approved SEO agency in Birmingham who won’t let you down!

Sadly we find that most clients have had terrible experiences using an SEO agency in the past. This is usually due to quality issues, lack of transparency, poor reporting, absent results, or worse, a Google penalty.

We understand that it’s difficult trying to regain trust in a supplier once you’ve been burnt. We also understand how difficult it is to invest in a long-term strategy when the results won’t be immediately visible. To help assure you that we’re worth investing in, here are just some of the reasons why our existing clients like working with us:


Results-driven approach and up-to-date strategies


15 years of combined SEO agency experience.


Transparent monthly reporting and face to face reviews


Excellent family-based customer service – we go the extra mile for our clients

White hat

White hat techniques that get Google’s approval

We’re local

We’re local and encourage regular face-to-face meetings

Why choose Opace to deliver your digital marketing?

1. Ethical content-driven digital marketing

We take an ethical approach to digital marketing, ensuring all of our efforts meet industry best practices. Through a multitude of actions including on-site optimisation, blogging and natural link building, we will work to increase your websites search rankings ethically. Opace will also integrate your organic SEO strategy with other digital marketing practices including social media and content creation to generate the best possible results for your business.

2. Transparent reporting

Here at Opace, we believe that transparency is of critical importance. This is why we work closely with our customers, to ensure they fully understand and approve of our methods. Not only that but we also offer transparent reports on a monthly basis. These reports allow clients to view our progress and see the return they’re getting from using our services.

3. Bespoke SEO strategies for all businesses

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of businesses of all sizes. We therefore have the experience to provide SEO services to both start-up companies and large international chains. We’re all about bespoke SEO and are happy to tailor a personalised strategy for any business or budget.

4. Results that speak for themselves

Since establishing our business, we have achieved some amazing improvements for our clients; including helping them to land page one rankings for some of the most competitive keywords including: “Children’s hospice, “Sky dive”, “Cheap makeup,” “Takeaways,” “Chinese delivery” and many more. We’ve seen fantastic results in as little as two weeks on established domains, where we have made key improvements to the on-page optimisation. A recent client saw a 15% uplift in Google rankings across more than 100 keywords within less than ten days, due to good keyword optimisation. 

5. Integrated strategies

Today SEO is no longer just about keywords and backlinks; it’s much more than that. We understand that in order to achieve the best results for clients, a blended approach to marketing that combines a wide range of actions and strategies is required. Our team cleverly integrate digital marketing strategies to produce profitable results for clients.

6. Up-to-date methods

We make every effort to keep up to date with the latest industry news and algorithm changes, so you can have the peace of mind that you’ll always remain on the right side of the search engines.

A Birmingham SEO company you can trust!

We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as a quality web design and SEO company. We’ve been members of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, we have helped to author the e-media and e-commerce Accredit UK trustmark and currently hold recommended agencies status with RAR and the approved quality mark with UKITA:

RAR recommended agency status
Opace RAR recommended SEO agency & digital marketing company
The UKITA quality Mark
UKITA quality approved SEO & digital marketing member

And we’ve achieved some amazing results…

From small online retailers to global companies we’ve help them to achieve and maintain some amazing SEO results, including the number 1 spot organic ranking for “cosmetics” and page 1 rankings for some of the most competitive keywords going. Here are some fantastic client case studies and testimonials and a few words from Dawn Curnyn, Digital Marketing Manager at Acorn’s Children’s Hospice about their experience working with us:

We get a great deal of support with SEO, which is really important to us and we’re starting to see some really good results from that work. We’ve found it to be a really invaluable relationship. I would thoroughly recommend Opace to any organisation who needs the kind of hand-holding and innovative support we’ve needed…

SEO Birmingham

SPI Lasers (formally JK Lasers) organic search rankings by Birmingham SEO agency Opace – consistent page 1 rankings for over five years!

Get in touch

If you are looking to work with an experienced, reliable and innovative SEO company based in Birmingham, there’s no better choice than Opace. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts will work together to create fantastic results for your business.

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Our unique integrated approach to digital marketing

SEO can't be delivered in isolation any more, with the sole intention of improving rankings. For it to be an effective, an integrated approach to digital marketing is required, one that's driven by your business goals and target market. Creative content, thought leadership, PR, visual media (videos, infographics, etc) and exciting social media campaigns are all fundamental to improving brand awareness, traffic and of course your search rankings.
Opace integrated digital marketing approach

It takes far more than words and backlinks to be successful online, the Opace integrated digital marketing approach is proven to work!

Have your Google rankings dropped?

Google ranking drops have affected many sites historically. Drops can be sudden or gradual; we have a rich understanding of Google algorithm changes.

Here are some factors to consider:

Historically, if you wanted your website to rank well in Google, there were certain factors that were guaranteed to work, primarily:

  • Having an established and trusted domain name
  • Having well-optimised content
  • Having great quality backlinks pointing to your site

These factors are still important today, but there is so much more to consider, especially if you’ve been slapped with a penalty. To help clients that have previously worked with not-so-great agencies, we’ve created an SEO audit and penalty removal service. Our marketing professionals will take the time to audit your website and marketing to find out what is causing the problem. We can even fix the issues on your behalf to ensure everything is carried out correctly.

Want more information about our penalty recovery service?

Read more

Working with Opace on your search marketing strategy

If you need more convincing read this section below:

Expert support team

Our team consists of talented Birmingham based copywriters, content marketers and SEO professionals, who will work with you from the outset to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy. Your strategy will be completely bespoke to your business and based on your values, objectives and target market.

Jargon free!

Industry jargon and terminology can be hard to get your head around, especially if you’re new to SEO. This is why we take a jargon-free approach to marketing. You’ll never have to worry about not understanding what’s going on, as our experts will guide and support you throughout the process from start to finish.

Quality results

We are a Birmingham SEO agency you can rely on to provide quality services and solutions. We keep our finger on the pulse and make the extra effort to ensure marketing activity is tailored to the needs of your business and generates results that you can measure and improve upon in the future.

What our clients say about us

Acorns Children's Hospice

Lucid Group

WM Creative

See all projects and case studies

For more information about any of our SEO services, feel free to contact us on 0845 017 7661. We look forward to working with you!

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