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Our Pay-Per-Click services

Whether using Google Ads or Bing for Pay Per Click advertising, it is a quick and simple way of getting your website to the top of search engines results for the keywords or phrases you want to be found for.

With a carefully crafted approach to PPC management, we can drive targeted traffic to your website and can improve your conversions. Opace is a leading Birmingham PPC agency and our service includes helping you to identify the correct keywords, bidding sensibly on those keywords and writing high-quality ads. A number of different factors can influence the success of your campaign including the price you’re willing to pay and how well you’ve researched your keywords. You’ll find effective PPC management at the heart of every successful campaign.

A Specialist Birmingham PPC Agency

If you want to make the most of your budget and get quick and effective results, it’s recommended that you work with an experienced PPC management agency like Opace. We’re based in Birmingham and specialise in high-performance Google Ads, Bing Ads and even Facebook Advertising

Our PPC management service also includes display advertising and remarketing (also known as retargeting) using Facebook and the Google display network. Here how we can help:


Thorough keyword research

We’ll perform extensive keyword and key phrase research to ensure you bid for competitive and highly searched for keywords.


Experimenting with ad copy & keywords

Our PPC agency will regularly change the ad copy and keywords to see what gets the most click-throughs and conversions for your business.


Targeted advert copywriting

Enticing PPC ads attract additional clicks. Our copywriters are on hand to create brilliant adverts for your service/product.


Flexible cost control & bid analysis

Everybody hates wasting money – and we’re no exception. We’ll handle PPC bids on your behalf to ensure you don’t overspend on adverts.


Detailed analytics & ad management

We’ll keep an eye on your PPC campaigns and ensure they are regularly updated to achieve the best results for your company.


Improve your conversion rates

Our copywriting and web design teams are on hand to help you boost conversions. They’ll help you create dedicated landing pages that turn visitors into paying customers.

Benefits Of PPC Advertising

Although it’s important to have strong SEO as part of your long-term marketing strategy, PPC can greatly benefit your overall digital marketing strategy and help you achieve great short and long term results for your business.

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Suitable for all budgets

One of the key benefits of PPC is that you can tailor your campaign to suit any budget. You’ll only ever pay when people actually click on your ad and visit your site. You set the ‘cost per click’ and control the daily budgets.

Immediate results

Whereas with SEO you have to wait a while to see results, with PPC it’s virtually instant and your adverts will start generating leads in no time at all. Set up your campaign and see your traffic soar.

Drives targeted traffic

PPC ads capture people who are at the stage in the buying process where they’re ready to make a purchase, giving you a high chance of making conversions.

Deatiled analytics

You can easily see which campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords are performing well. You can even integrate with Google Analytics to track metrics such as bounce rate and conversions.

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A Expert PPC Agency

PPC accounts are fairly easy to set up, but the way in which they are managed is crucial to their success. Let us help you with all aspects of your PPC management…

Choosing a channel

Opace will help you decide whether to go with Google Ads, Bing Ads or PPC using a social media site like Facebook. We will thoroughly research your keywords and carry out market analysis to achieve great campaign results.

Keyword research and copywriting

WWe’ll help you choose which keywords or audience to target with your PPC campaigns in order to achieve the best results. Our specialist copywriters will craft highly targeted, keyword-rich PPC ads to entice readers to click.

Responsive changes

Our account managers will provide ongoing PPC management to achieve best results for your budget with analytics and reporting to monitor your results and make changes as necessary. We will respond quickly to changes so you’re always making the most of your budget.