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Experience the future of eCommerce with our top-tier Magento support services. Whether you're eyeing a Magento upgrade, considering a Magento 1 to 2 migration, or planning a Magento migration from another eCommerce platform, we're your gateway to seamless transitions and endless possibilities.

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Magento 1 reached end-of-life in 2020, but the latest iteration, Magento 2 is a powerful easy-to-use, mobile-friendly enterprise-scale eCommerce solution. Offering extensive customisation potential, high levels of security and speedy processing, this is a solution you can trust. Now a part of Adobe Commerce, Magento Open Source needs careful support and maintenance in order to remain up-to-date, functional and secure.

This is where our Magento support service comes in. Whether you need a Magento upgrade, migration from Magento 1 to 2, or even migration from another eCommerce platform, we're here to help.

Frequent upgrades

Upgrades are provided frequently through patches, these improve security, deliver functionality enhancements (e.g. speed) and align with best practices for enterprise scale eCommerce solutions

Smooth data migration

Migrate previous version’s data – categories, orders, products, orders, configuration settings, etc. This has been made easier by use of the official Migration Tool.

Access to new features

Migrate to Magento 2 and access many new additional features, not available in any other Magento versions. Features include faster processing, increased security, improved scalability, improved checkout and much more!

Migrate & upgrade extensions

This allows new Magento extensions to be available. Upgrades are available for most Magento extensions from previous versions, although rigorous testing is required prior to use.

Theme migrations

Mew standards mean that themes don’t automatically update in a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration (or for other versions). The new themes architecture delivers many new benefits

Migrate custom code

Magento 1 to 2 Migration including custom code is simplified by the Magento Code Migration Toolkit. Some custom code automatically migrates, Opace supports upgrading custom code (where needed)


If you are looking to undertake a Magento 1 to 2 migration or upgrade project, you will already be an experienced user. Trust Opace to manage your Magento 2 upgrade and migration to agreed timescales. Whatever your current circumstance, services from Opace will help. Our customer’s rate Opace highly, we expect your business will too.

Opace are an accredited agency. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we work nationwide and with clients around the world. We will listen intently to customer’s requirements and provide customised strategic advice and a range of joined-up integrated services.

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Easy, transparent and open communication

Customers like working with Opace, check out our Trustpilot reviews. We believe in making communications easy and are available by email, Skype, telephone, etc. We’re passionate about digital marketing and believe in honest, open and transparent communication. This is all accompanied by KPIs and reporting customised for each customer.


Speedy Magento 2 support

Issues, problems and challenges will arise with any eCommerce implementation from time to time! Whatever your current project is, we are there every step of the way and provide a quick response to all Magento 2 support and ongoing maintenance calls.

On time solutions delivery

“Time is money”, especially when upgrading or planning a migration project. Customers who fail to plan their upgrade properly may find themselves in a difficult limbo situation, with a solution which doesn’t work. We will manage your upgrade and migration to agreed timescales and provide a transition to support.


Integrated services

We provide a fully managed A-Z service. Visit our Magento 2 services page for further information. We are your “one stop shop” and “here for the long haul”. Opace manage projects large and small, covering varying requirements!

Customised strategic advice

No two implementations are the same. We don’t provide “one size fits all” advice with our migration and upgrades customisation per customer is critical. At Opace before attempting any migration/upgrade we will thoroughly research and understand your implementation and provide a “hand in glove” solution.


Listeners more than talkers

We will let the quality of our development, migration and support services do the talking. We are keen to understand all your requirements and have found listening to customers works rather well! Let us know all your needs and we will manage all the technical stuff!

Accredited Agency

Opace and Magento go together like “fish and chips”! Opace is accredited with organisations such as UKITA. We bring experience, knowledge, strategy and calm to any Magento 2 migration or upgrade project. We can also be relied upon for ongoing support, trust us for all your requirements!

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