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Accredited Magento Agency, Web Designers & Developers in Birmingham

It may sound like a paint colour but if you've arrived here you probably already know that Magento the world’s leading eCommerce platform! We’ll bring the brushes, you make the tea.

Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for Magento based on 10 customer reviews.

Looking for a scalable, flexible and feature-rich eCommerce platform? There’s no better choice than Magento!

Magento’s the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch and any other idioms that mean it’s really, really great. If you want complete control over the look and functionality of your online shop, make a Magento website designed and developed by Opace your top pick. 

eCommerce web design design and development for homewares retailer PRIMUS by Birmingham based Magento agency, Opace

eCommerce web design design and development by Birmingham based Magento agency, Opace

What’s Magento eCommerce got to offer?

Magento is the world’s best eCommerce platform for a reason and here’s just a few of them:

Free to use and extend

Magento is built with open source technology, meaning it’s completely free to use and you can extend it to your heart’s content!

Thousands of extensions

Choose Magento and you’ll have access to thousands of free and premium extensions and themes, which can be used to enhance the look and functionality of your store.

Highly customisable

We’ll customise Magento to meet your needs. Our team can create a bespoke online store that both you and your customers will love.

CMS capabilities

Magento isn’t just an eCommerce platform. It’s also built with CMS functionality so you can populate your store with compelling content, without needing the help of your web designer.

Search engine friendly

Magento is built with search engine friendly architecture and offers great SEO optimisation options so you can benefit from high rankings.

Global support community

The Magento community is one of the best out there. Made up of developers, merchants and users, the community is there to help you with any questions you have about Magento.

Why choose Opace as your Magento agency?

If you are looking for an accredited, reliable and innovative Magento agency, there’s no better choice than Birmingham based Opace. We go beyond simply creating great designs and offering specialist technical services for Magento, by offering an integrated digital marketing approach and ongoing support to help you keep your store working and selling effectively.

1. eCommerce specialists

When it comes to eCommerce, we’ve seen it all, so no matter how small or complex your request, we’ll have no trouble fulfilling it.

2. Tailor made Magento solutions

Think of us as the Savile Row of the Magento design world, without the premium price tags (oh and we’re not on Savile Row either)!

3. Jargon-free advice and support

Web design language can sound like a load of codswallop. We keep things simple with jargon-free Magento advice and support.

4. SEO and marketing

We provide integrated eCommerce marketing and SEO strategies to get your name out there, well-known and selling.

5. Ongoing technical support

Ongoing support for Magento merchants, including patch updates, enhancements and maintenance.

6. Specialist Magento design and development

Our Magento web designers and developers work together seamlessly to create bespoke templates to give your eCommerce store a truly unique brand identity.  Plus, our developers can create unique extensions for Magento, to make your store stand out from the rest with it’s very own bespoke capabilities.

7. Centrally based family business in Birmingham

We’re a friendly family based agency and with a team of specialist Magento designers, developers and marketers in the heart of England at Birmingham, we’re here to help.

8. Magento 2 expertise

We’ve got plenty of expertise with Magento 2 and have some great examples to show for it.

Work with Opace

Give our Birmingham based team a call on 0121 222 5757 and make Opace your Magento agency today. Want to make the move to Magento 2? Click here to see how we can help.

Get started today

3 reasons to invest in professional Magento designers: 

Are you still on the fence about investing in Magento? Here are three reasons why you need professional Magento designers:

Differentiate your brand

Make your online store as unique as your eCommerce brand with a bespoke Magento design.

Create the right impression

A bespoke Magento design will give your store a professional-look and ensure customers leave with a great first impression.

Generate a great ROI

You’ll soon make back the money you spend on with Magento design with our expert Magento SEO and marketing support.


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Call Opace on 0845 017 7661 today for assistance with your Magento design, development and marketing.

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